WWE WrestleMania 31 Matchups Preview: Rusev vs. John Cena

The Build Up

The undefeated Russian monster known as Rusev has left a pile of broken Superstars in his wake. Due to him failing to become the 2015 Royal Rumble winner, Rusev stormed backstage and interrupted a promo being given by John Cena. Cena didn’t take too kindly to Rusev’s rude interruption, which led to tense stare down and a 1st time match at WWE Fastlane. Rusev ended up reining as the victor during their 1st encounter, but the help of Lana made sure that match ended under some shifty circumstances. Cena has made it quite clear that he wants another chance at defeating Rusev and capturing the U.S. Championship. Cena used his dominating submission offense to force Rusev into this much anticipated rematch at WrestleMania 31.

How The Match Will Unfold

Rusev will no doubt have a great number of Russian supporters back him up during his grand entrance. And Cena will be backed by a large group of U.S. backers, of course. This match will probably trump the performance we saw from both men back at WWE Fastlane. Rusev will dominate Cena once again during the starting moments of this bout. Cena won’t be in the mood for lock-up’s and reversals this time around, so he’ll get extra intense during his comeback offense. Rusev and Cena will go back and forth during the closing moments of this match, but Cena will eventually get caught in Rusev’s Accolade submission hold. This time though, Cena will reach deep inside to fight out of his hold. Soon after, Cena will capture the U.S. Championship through the use of several FU’s and an extra stiff STF hold.

What Happens in the Future

WrestleMania 31

Seeing Cena with the U.S. Championship around his waist will be a strange sight, but fans will become used to it soon enough. Rusev will of course want a rematch with the one Superstar who handed him his 1st recorded loss. The next PPV will showcase both men in a final encounter that will be held under Last Man Standing rules. Cena will win this final contest and go into the summer months as the reigning, defending U.S. Championship. Who will come for Cena’s neck then? We see a bunch of potential contenders (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Bad News Barrett etc). As for Rusev, the rage that will emit from him due to his championship loss will turn him into a madman. He’ll destroy a bunch of Superstars until he runs into his next ultimate challenge – a more pissed off and prepared Ryback.

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