Matt Baier, Amber Portwood’s Fiance – ‘Teen Mom’

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Matt Baier is the fiance who has won the heart of Teen Mom star Amber Portwood. After learning that ex Gary Shirley is expecting a child with his girlfriend, we begin to find out that Portwood is actually dating as well. Matt Baier comes on the show and those close to Portwood have their concerns because he is a bit older than Portwood (19 years older). He’s also an ex-addict, just like Portwood. They also feel the relationship may be moving a bit fast, which was shown on the Teen Mom OG season trailer. In November 2014, Baier proposed to Portwood and she accepted. Portwood dished about her relationship with Baier to E! News, saying:

My life now with my new fiancé is amazing and our relationship is completely different than what mine and Gary [Shirley]’s was. There’s not really fighting or anything like that. It’s not perfect, but we’re so happy together. I never thought I could find another man that could make me feel love again, honestly. I feel more love for him than I ever have for anybody.

As far as what Portwood’s daughter Leah thinks about Baier, Portwood says they have a natural connection. And, as for wedding plans, Portwood tells E!:

We know it’s gonna be within the year. We just moved in together a couple months ago, so we really want to learn everything about each other and live this life right now and just make sure everything’s straight before we jump the gun on something because obviously, we didn’t know each other that long before we got engaged, but we do know we love each other so much and we don’t want anybody else in the world, so we are sure we will be married. We just don’t know when.

So, who is Matt Baier? Portwood and Baier met on Twitter while Baier was living in Boston. They soon moved in together and Portwood told Teen Mom producers:

He’s a DJ. We’ve been best friends for months. I wanted to do it right this time. I didn’t want to put him on camera on our fucking first date.

Do you think Baier and Portwood are in it for the long haul? Portwood’s fellow co-stars have definitely shown their support.