Willow Shields & Mark Ballas, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ – Week 7

Willow Shields seems to be the dark horse in the running on Dancing With The Stars as she competes alongside pro partner Mark Ballas. She consistently does well each week, but she hasn’t made it to the very top of the leader board just yet. Willow Smith wrote about her most recent routines on the show via Access Hollywood, stating that:

So yeah, I knew on Dancing with the Stars we would have to dance, but part of me figured that with some great camera tricks or some secret dance shortcuts there may be a sort of easy route through this. Boy was I wrong. For me, this is REAL. The true reality of the show is that last week’s group dance we did not perfect until minutes before we were live on TV. The lift Mark and I did in our dance had problems until seconds before going out on stage and the lighting last week was changed to make it better only moments before show time.

Shields says she feels very lucky to have Ballas as a dance partner, but does reveal the cons of being on the show, explaining:

No one tells you that this will be one of the hardest things you will ever do. For your time on the show dancing will become your life. You really have no time for anything else. Dance, eat, sleep (whenever you can), repeat. I’ve often laughed when my dogs fall asleep and their cute little legs move and twitch like they are running and playing in their dream.

Whatever the case, Shields is clearly dedicated and turns it out on the dance floor each week. Do you think Shields can make it to the finals?