WWE Extreme Rules 2015: The Results & Highlights You Need to See

The hardcore rules tied to Extreme Rules 2015 placed a bunch of WWE’s best Superstars in some insane stipulations. This special event/PPV’s card includes a cage match with finishing move complications, a Chicago Street Fight, the 1st ever Kiss-Me-Arse match and even a Russian Chain Match. Here’s all the results and highlights of the post-PPV after WrestleMania 31. Things definitively got extreme for every Superstar involved during this evening’s stacked card.

Adrian Neville vs. Bad News Barrett

Extreme Rules 2015

Winner: Adrian Neville!

Results/Highlights: The planned bout between Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett has now been changed to Adrian Neville vs Bad News Barrett in a non-title match. Daniel Bryan is unable to defend his IC Title tonight due to not being cleared by medical officials. Barrett spoke to the Chicago crowd to provide his latest bit of Bad News. He spoke about Bryan not being medically cleared to compete tonight due to BNB beating him down. Both men locked up and got things underway in front of a hot crowd. After some back and forth action, Barrett decided to lay in some fists and boots to Neville. Neville used his quickness to catch Barrett with several moves, which culminated in a front dropkick to Barrett outside the ring. Barrett eventually grounded Neville by tripping him on the ring and throwing him into the guard barrier. Barrett locked Neville in a sleeper hold for a bit. Neville recovered for a second by locking Barrett between his ankles near the ring corner, but Barrett kicked him in the gut to stop his comeback. Barrett laid Neville in the corner and kneed him in the gut. Barrett decided to lock Neville in a sleeper hold once again. Neville finally got back into the match after booting Barrett, but Barrett returned a big boot of his own to Neville. Barrett used his unique backbreaker to further weaken Neville, which led to another sleeper hold. Neville fought to his feet and began weakening Barrett with elbow shots. Neville made his comeback with several kicks, a front dropkick and a over-the-top rope splash on Barrett. Back in the ring, Neville hit a deadlift German Suplex on Barrett but only got a 2-count. Neville went to go for his top-rope finisher, but Barrett stopped him and landed his Winds of Change slam. Barrett then went for Wasteland, but Neville recovered and hopped outside the ring. Neville got caught up Barrett’s arms and got dropped with Wasteland, though. Barrett set up Neville for his Bull Hammer, but Neville dodged it and hit an Enzuguri. Neville went to the top rope and looked to land his Red Arrow, but Barrett stopped him. Barrett went for his Bull Hammer, but Neville claimed his victory by kicking him and finally landing the Red Arrow.

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper (Chicago Street Fight)

Extreme Rules 2015

Winner: Dean Ambrose!

Results/Highlights: The street fight began outside the ring with Ambrose throwing Harper into the guard barriers. Once both men got in the ring, Ambrose landed a body splash on Harper. Ambrose threw Harper back to the outside, landed a vault through the ropes and threw him in the steel ring steps. Ambrose picked up some weapons, including a Kendo Stick. Ambrose assaulted Harper with newly found weapon to the delight of the crowd. Ambrose picked up a steel chair, sat in in to taunt Harper but Harper suplexed him right onto the chair. Harper then started using the Kendo Stick to assault Ambrose. Harper ran into a boot from Ambrose in the corner, but Harper recovered by flinging Ambrose’s face into a chair set up in the ring corner. Harper laid in more Kendo Stick shots and then a body slam. Harper picked up steel chair, but Ambrose used in on Harper by body slamming him back first onto it. Afterwards, Ambrose landed a Tornado DDT on Harper. Ambrose went crazy with his comeback offense and finished it by landing his top rope elbow drop on a standing Harper. After a quick exchange, Ambrose went for his lariat but got caught by a vicious big boot. The action spilled to the outside, which featured Ambrose vaulting through the middle ropes at Harper. Harper caught him, but Ambrose countered and hit him with a lariat. The action then spilled backstage and featured both men beating each other up and down the hallway. Harper ended up getting into a car and attempting to drive off, but Ambrose hopped into the window. Harper decided to speed off outside the arena with Ambrose! Both men returned to the arena during The New Day’s celebratory promo. Ambrose ended up diving onto The New Day and following Harper back into the ring. Ambrose got caught with a Harper superkick, but he responded with a lariat. Both men fell to the outside, which then led to them flinging dozens of steel chairs into the ring. The hectic battle continued and got even wilder when Harper landed a sitdown powerbomb on Ambrose onto a steel chair. Ambrose kicked out, but Harper responded by burying him under a bunch of steel chairs. Harper went to the top rope, but Ambrose threw him right onto the steel chairs. Ambrose then became the victor after landing his Dirty Deeds finisher.

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler (Kiss Me Arse Match)

Extreme Rules 2015

Winner: Dolph Ziggler!

Results/Highlights: Both men tore into each other with some stiff strikes, which Ziggler got the better of. Sheamus ended up pushing off Ziggler, but Ziggler responded with a nice dropkick and a shove to the outside. Sheamus ended up recovering and pushing Ziggler into the steel ring steps. Ziggler shook it off and landed a nice DDT by jumping on Sheamus off the steel ring steps. Once both men got back into the ring, Sheamus kicked Ziggler in the leg and landed two running knee strikes. Sheamus held Ziggler outside of the ring and bashed in his chest with punches. Sheamus locked Ziggler into a sleeper hold for a bit, but Ziggler returned to his feet and looked to land a Fameasser. Sheamus countered Ziggler by landing a sitdown powerbomb. Sheamus continued his assault on Ziggler with two clotheslines. Sheamus went into a trash talking tirade and then locked Ziggler into a sleeper hold. Ziggler ended up getting back to his feet and landing a bunch of strikes and corner body splashes to Sheamus. Sheamus pushed Ziggler down though and soon locked him into the Cloverleaf submission maneuver. Ziggler escaped, went for a 2-count and then knocked Sheamus down with a Superkick. Ziggler went for another maneuver, but Sheamus threw him up onto the ropes and landed a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Sheamus followed that up with a twisting falling suplex. Sheamus looked to land his Brogue Kick next, but Ziggler rolled him up for a pin. Sheamus kicked out and then used a powerslam on Ziggler. Sheamus went for another move but Ziggler caught him in a shocking 1-2-3 pin! After the match, Sheamus kept trying to avoid fulfilling the match stipulation of kissing the loser’s arse. Ziggler kept taunting Ziggler and making him even madder. Sheamus looked like he was going to finally kiss Ziggler’s arse, but Sheamus low-blowed him and finished him off with his Brogue Kick. Sheamus then looked to force Ziggler to kiss his arse, which ended up happening and pissing off the live crowd.

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