‘The Bachelorette’ Group Date Winners – 5/25/15

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(ABC/The Bachelorette)

Tonight is the beginning of the official dates on The Bachelorette and the show has a lot of interesting moments in store for viewers. For the first one-on-one date, Clint Arlis gets the honor and he walks away with the first solo date rose. As for the group dates, one involves boxing matches while the other takes place at a comedy club, where the guys have to perform stand-up. With the coaching of comedienne Amy Schumer at the comedy club The Improv and judge Laila Ali checking out their boxing skills, these contestants have some tough dates on this episode. One contestant who even ends up with a black eye is Justin Reich. Ouch!

As far as the boxing date goes, Bachelorette expert Reality Steve gives the run-down of events, writing:

Round 1:

Ben Z. beat Daniel
Corey beat Justin and ended up giving him a black eye
Kupah beat Tanner
Jared beat Ben H.

Round 2:

Ben Z. beat Corey
Jared beat Kupah


Ben Z. beat Jared (possible Jared might’ve suffered a concussion)

Each round was 3 minutes long and the three judges were host Chris Harrison, star Kaitlyn Bristowe and guest star Laila Ali. For the comedy group date, Amy Schumer helped coach the guys to get ready for their stand-up routines and Kentucky boy Joe even mustered up the courage to plant a kiss on the Bachelorette in front of the rest of the guys.

JJ Lane was the winner of the comedy group date, while Ben Z. won the group date rose for the boxing date. JJ Lane is the former investment banker from Denver, Colorado and Ben Z. is the entrepreneur from San Jose, California.

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