WATCH: ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ 1st Look Trailer

First there was Arrow. Then, we got to see The Flash in action. Once those shows started mixing up their live-action adventures, a whole new suite of world savers popped up.

The CW realizes how much more fans tune in these days thanks to their line of awesome DC Comics-based TV shows. Now, the network is ready to give everyone the biggest superhero squad series we never thought we’d see – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The plot is pretty easy to grasp – a man from the future named Rip Hunter travels back to present time. His mission entails saving his future by stopping Vandal Savage from destroying it. Rip employs the help of several super-powered allies to aid him:

– Firestorm
– Atom
– White Canary
– Hawkgirl
– Captain Cold
– Heat Wave

This upcoming series actually takes place within the Arrow/The Flash TV universe. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs its 1st episode sometime in 2016. It’s a pretty awesome time to be a comic book fan, right?