David Beador, Shannon Beador’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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David Beador is the husband of Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador. Both seem to be good people with good hearts, but everyone makes mistakes and David Beador has a few under his belt. For our 5 Fast Facts on David’s adultery, his domestic violence case, and his construction company, read on below.

1. David Beador Called His Affair A High In His Marriage

When in counseling on Real Housewives Of Orange County with wife Shannon Beador, David was listing the highs in his life and marriage and one of them was the affair. However, he regretted the effects it had on his wife and children. Shannon addressed her husband’s comments about his cheating in her Bravo blog, writing:

When watching David reveal the highs and lows in his life, I felt like I was punched in the stomach. I saw that he listed the affair as both a “high” and a “low”. I heard him say that the affair gave him “new life”. Today, I am trying to process through the hurt that I feel from his comments. Some moments can be difficult, but I am focusing on the positive. I remind myself of the commitment that David has made to both me and our family.

Shannon revealed how she discovered David’s cheating when she heard him whispering to someone on the phone. She then found all the hotel receipts and confronted him. Initially, the affair was meant to stay private, but their children ended up finding out and this truly upset the couple.

2. The Beadors Are Sharing Their Painful Affair With Viewers For a Reason

On the season 10 premiere of RHOC is where viewers first heard of David’s having an affair. The Beadors had been struggling with their marriage, but it all seemed to be on the mend at the end of season 9. Unfortunately, the relationship was back on the rocks for the show’s 2015 and premiere and the Beadors revealed the affair to viewers. So, which would Shannon and David choose to show this side of their marriage? Shannon wrote in her blog:

I suppose the first thing I should address is why my husband and I have chosen to show such personal and private information on television. The decision was not an easy one. But after much counseling and discussions with our children, we thought that we would tell our story with the hope that other couples who have faced similar heartbreak can repair and restore their marriage like David and I are doing.

Cast-mate Heather Dubrow showed her support for the couple’s decision, stating that:

I think they are very brave to show what they are going through and I’m sure they will help many people out there dealing with marital issues.

3. David Has An Arrest Record

According to Radar Online, David Beador was investigated for two charges of “battery against cohabitant” and “assault” in 2003. Radar states that he was released on $10,000 bond after the incident, he pled guilty to misdemeanor counts of assault and “battery against cohabitant”, he was put on three years of informal probation, and he also completed the batterer’s treatment program. In court, David admitted that he “willfully and unlawfully used force and violence” against his wife Shannon.

Shannon opened up about the ordeal to Star Magazine explaining:

There was no abuse, no physical anything … We had an argument that was resolved very quickly afterward. I just thought that if I called the police, the fight would end. We’ve moved on; it’s over and done.

4. He Makes His Money With His Construction Company

David Beador has an estimated net worth of $20 million and makes his money through his company, Beador Construction Inc. Celebrity Net Worth reports that:

Beador is the founder and owner of Beador Construction Inc. He founded his Carona, California-based company with his father in 1996, and it employs roughly 80 people. According to a recent business filing, the company generates approximately $13 million per year in revenue.

5. Tamra Judge Knew David Was Having An Affair

In an interview with OK! Magazine, RHOC co-star Tamra Judge revealed that she knew David was cheating on his wife, stating that:

I knew about this last year. I knew that David was having an affair last year … I think too many people knew about it and she was worried that it was going to come out … My relationship with Shannon is good now because she knew I knew last year [about the affair]. I was the only one that knew last year. And everyone’s gonna go ‘Oh, so Tamra was telling the truth!’

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