John Luke Robertson & Mary Kate McEacharn on ‘Duck Dynasty’

John Luke Robertson, 19, proposed to Mary Kate McEacharn, 18, on October 11, 2014. On her blog, she gushed, “In December of 2013, exactly a year ago, I was 17 years old- a 17 year old girl who had never had a boyfriend and never even kissed a boy. Writing this, exactly a year later, I am engaged, and not to just anyone, but John Luke Robertson…the most incredible and loving young man I have ever known.”

To all the naysayers who think they are marrying too young, Robertson told ET:

Our relationship is focused on God. he divorce rate is 50% for everyone. But, for Christians who are active in their faith, it is 35% less than that.

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She. Said. Yes. @missmarymcmcmc

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The Christian Post reported that the nuptials will be held this Saturday, June 27th. They discovered registries at Bed Bath & Beyond and West Elm.

The couple met in 2011 at King’s Camp in Mer Rouge, Louisiana. However, it wasn’t until they were in the same chem class at school that sparks flew. Robertson told Us, “There was some chemistry!”

It took him a year to win her over. “I had tried to date her before, and she kept turning me down…I just kept at it and she finally said yes!” he explained to the magazine.
McEacharn repsonded on her blog:

Well as soon as he gave up and moved on, I realized just how crazy I was! I saw that everything that I had prayed to God for in a guy was standing right in front of me. I had 100% confidence that God would bless my faithfulness to Him, because I would settle for nothing less than God wanted for me.

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