How Tall is Kristin Chenoweth? – Age & Height

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How tall is Kristin Chenoweth and how old is she? Chenoweth was born July 24, 1968, which makes her 46 years old, though she easily looks like she’s in her early thirties. With her beauty, petite figure, and short stature, Chenoweth looks a lot younger than her actual age. Chenoweth’s height is 4′ 11″ and when she was a child of 12 years old, she gave a solo appearance at the Southern Baptist Convention national conference, performing the Evie song “Four Feet Eleven”. The lyrics in the chorus are, “I’m only 4 feet 11, but I’m going to Heaven.”

In the past, Chenoweth has talked about wishing she were taller, but came to this conclusion:

I used to want to be tall, and then I thought, ‘If I were tall, then people would say I was pretty and not cute.’ And then I realized that there are worse things than being called cute. They could say I was a bitch, which would be terrible in my book. So I’ve decided that this height ain’t so bad.

In 2013, Chenoweth was criticized for her weight after she stated that she was only 88 pounds. Medical expert Dr. Adam Hamawy told Fox News:

That [weight] is not normal. For an average person that is 4 [foot] 11 the ideal weight is between 110 pounds and 125 pounds, and that can vary a little bit… But 88 pounds is definitely way low.

When Us Weekly discussed the issue, they posted a photo of Chenoweth, who appeared healthy, yet toned and tiny. Chenoweth stated that she forces herself to go to the gym in order to stay thin. Whatever the case, Chenoweth is a very short woman, under 5 feet and has a beautiful figure. Height and weight are just numbers, right?

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