Sseko Sandals on ‘Shark Tank’ Update: Interview With Owner

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Sseko sandals originally entered the Shark Tank in February of 2015. At that time, we interviewed founder Liz Forkin Bohannon about her company.

We caught up with her today as the episode is reairing to see how her business is faring. Here is what she told us about…

How They’ve Grown Since the ‘Tank’

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We were floored with the reaction from the first airing. Who knew that in the middle of a country-wide winter storm we’d sell A LOT of sandals? The exciting part for us is that our growth was not just a spike–we’ve seen a sustained level of lift. We’re even more excited for people to hear the Sseko story during sandal-wearing weather!

Not Getting a Deal

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Of course, it would have been really fun to watch five Sharks fight over us…But, aside from a nice little ego boost, in the long run, I think not getting a deal worked out best for Sseko. Before the show aired, we secured our entire round of funding. We received the evaluation we believe was fair and we’ve brought on investors that are 100% aligned with our vision for growing our company and our impact. Bringing on investors is a bit like getting married. It’s so important to make sure there is alignment and trust. And we couldn’t be more thrilled about our team.

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What She Learned From Being on the Show

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It was a great affirmation to say ‘yes’ to crazy opportunities, even if they feel risky. We worried about protecting our brand integrity and about the uncontrollable nature of reality television so we almost passed up the opportunity. Here’s the thing, deal or no deal, we were able to tell our story to millions and those opportunities are invaluable.

Her Advice For Potential Contestants

shark tank june 26

Know that no matter how much you prepare, you will not be able to control the outcome. So be confident and know your stuff, but then, have fun! And make sure you’ve got an all-star web development team on your side. The aftermath is no joke.

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