WATCH: Emmy Awards 2015 Opening Number With Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg opened the 2015 Emmys with a musical number that talked about catching up on all the latest TV shows by binge-watching and locking himself in a bomb shelter for a year. The opening number featured celebrities from Kerry Washington to Jon Hamm. He then mocked Billy Crystal’s opening numbers for his Oscar hosting gigs, briefly singing about each of the TV shows featured at the awards.

After the opening number, Samberg opened up with his monologue by joking that Justin Timberlake would not be appearing on stage with him tonight. He then made fun of Jared Fogle and Bill Cosby. He also enlisted the help of Jane Lynch as “the mean nun from Game of Thrones“. He warned celebrities who run on too long with their speeches that they will have to deal with her. Samberg also touched on politics and said that Trump seems racist. He also made fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger being the new host of the Celebrity Apprentice.

Finally, Samberg went over some of the big nominees for the night.

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