WATCH: Jessica Simpson ‘Drunk’ on Home Shopping Network

The verdict is in, the Twitterverse believes that Jessica Simpson was drunk during her Home Shopping Network appearance. The pop starlet appeared on Colleen Lopez’s show to sell jeans. During the appearance, she giggles, she slurs, and she tells a bizarre anecdote about how her sister, Ashlee, shares jeans with Jessica’s husband, Evan Ross.

Meanwhile on her Facebook page, Colleen Lopez made no reference to Jessica’s behavior, instead thanking her, saying “Thank you so much for watching tonight! Congrats to Jessica Simpson and her Mom, Tina on a sell out show!!” One commenter to that post, went straight for Jessica’s jugular saying “God Bless you Colleen, you are a true professional! I am 99% certain that Jessica was 100% inebriated throughout that segment. Wowza.”