‘The Bastard Executioner’ Premiere & Season One Spoilers

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This is a very different kind of show.

Kurt Sutter, best known as the creator of Sons of Anarchy, is back with a brand-new show, only this time he’s not simply jumping back in time. He’s leaping.

The Bastard Executioner, is a medieval drama set in 14th century Wales, a drastic departure for Sutter and the network, FX, which specializes almost exclusive in modernity. In fact, the farthest back in history any other FX show has gone is the 1970s with the upcoming season of Fargo.

So, what exactly is The Bastard Executioner about? In one word. Epic. Or at least it tries to be. The two-hour premiere on September 15 introduces Wilkin Brattle (Lee Jones), a Welsh warrior who vows to step away from the bloodshed and drama of the battlefield after a vicious fight leaves him near death. The show actually begins with a dream sequence that directs Brattle’s motives for the rest of the show as an angelic vision tells him “you have a destiny to claim … put down your sword.”

That decision proves harder than originally expected however, as Wilkin is pulled into a ragtag band of local farmers including Toran (Sam Spruell) and Berber the Moor (Danny Sapani) who are determined to fight back against British oppression. That opression includes Baron Erik Ventris (Brian F. O’Byrne) and his right-hand man Milus Corbett (Stephen Moyer). Keep an eye out throughout the season for Matthew Rhys, star FX’s The Americans, who will have a recurring role as “The Wolf,” another Welsh rebel leader.

There are ton of things happening in this series and Sutter by no means hits every plot point in the opening two hours. The idea is that the story will grow with each episode, touching on the drama of rebellion and Wilkin’s determination to maintain his promise to the vision.

The Bastard Executioner premieres on Tuesday, September 15 at 10 p.m. ET.

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