‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Episode 4 Live Recap & Spoilers

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On tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, The Countess continues to show no mercy and more blood gets shed. The title of the episode is “Devil’s Night” and the official synopsis reads: John receives an invitation to attend an exclusive Devil’s Night Soiree; Alex tries to diagnose Holden’s strange condition. Read on for tonight’s live episode summary, spoilers, official tweets and cast details.

A man named Richard Ramirez (Ricky, the night stalker) checks in to the hotel via Liz Taylor and notes that he died in 2013 and is there to attend the “Devil’s Night.” Taylor tells him that some treats have been left for him on his pillow. The man exits his room via his window and ventures into another hotel room where he uses a lamp to kill a sleeping man beside his wife. Ricky tells the wife to swear to Satan that she won’t scream. Upon seeing her dead husband, she screams and runs out of the room only to be met by the late Mr. March, the original owner of the hotel. March is an old friend of Torres and aids him in killing the woman.

In the next scene, a phone is ringing in Detective Lowe’s room. It’s his daughter Scarlett, who is calling from her grandmother’s house. She says that she doesn’t want to go trick-or-treating this year and that she’d rather bake with her grandmother. As Lowe is own the phone, he sees something strange in his room. There is fresh blood on his wall and it’s dripping down from the ceiling. In the meantime, the deceased laundress Ms. Evers tries to scrub blood out of a sheet as it keeps reappearing. She has a flashback to her life, dressing up her son as a ghost for Halloween in 1925. Her son ends up in a car, driving away from her. Suddenly, she is interrupted as Lowe knocks on her door. Evers says that she lost her son on Halloween and she gets a little mad around the holiday. Lowe sympathizes with her as he lost his son as well. Evers tells Lowe she finds comfort in talking to him. Evers says that the entire city looked for him, that his killer took him away to a ranch. All they ever found of Evers’ son was his ghost sheet, covered in blood.

Ms. Evers reveals her first name to Lowe as Hazel and she tells Lowe that she’s known for some time that they were “kindred spirits”. Suddenly, Evers gets up and says that she must get ready for the party. Later on, at work, Lowe finds a photo of Ms. Evers from the 1920’s.

Next, we see Lowe’s wife Alex bring home their “lost” son Holden, who has now become a minion of The Countess. Alex is determined to find out what’s wrong with her son. When she takes his temperature, the thermometer reads 75.5 degrees. As she hugs her son, he tells her that he’s thirsty. Not realizing that he has become a vampire, Alex goes to the kitchen to get her son some juice.

When Alex returns to the room, she finds Holden feeding on the family pet. She exclaims and Holden says that he wants to go home to his “other mommy.” Alex brings Holden back to the hotel and follows him to his glass coffin. When her daughter Scarlett told her about the coffin, she didn’t believe her. Alex is confronted by The Countess who says, “You must have a lot of questions. I have answers.”

The Countess tells Alex that she saved Holden from neglect. When her husband was on the phone, she took Holden. The Countess then tells Alex that Holden has contracted a rare blood disease, which grants immortality. Alex threatens The Countess when The Countess’s lover Tristan Duffy shows up, knocking her to the ground. The Countess tells Duffy to let her go and Alex runs out of the room. Duffy worries that Alex will tell the police, but The Countess assures him Alex will not risk losing her son.

In the meantime, Alex’s husband John Lowe is having a drink at the bar. A woman comes over to the bar and Taylor says that she’s returned to the hotel for “Devil’s Night” for 12 years. She corrects him as says 13. Taylor tells the woman that Lowe is a cop and a special guest of the hotel. Lowe then realizes the woman looks just like the dead serial killer Aileen Wuornos, believing it’s a Halloween costume. Lowe is not phased by her. She decides to take him back to her hotel room and Taylor tries to warn Lowe not to follow her. Wuornos hits Lowe over the head and ties him to a chair in her room. She tells him that she isn’t wearing a costume and welcomes him to “Devil’s Night” at the hotel. He busts his way out of the chair and handcuffs her to the bathroom sink. He believes she’s insane and goes through her wallet, finding her license, which identifies her as Aileen Wuornos.

When Lowe runs down to the front desk, he tells Taylor he’s going to call the police. Taylor tells him not to bother because Wuornos won’t be in the room anymore because Mr. March is very protective of his guests. Upon looking at the guest list, Taylor finds that Lowe has been invited. She hands him his invitation.

When Lowe returns to his room, he finds clothes on his bed and a note from Liz Taylor that instructs him to “knock them dead tonight.” Lowe makes his way down to the dinner party and is greeted by an apologetic Wuornos. Mr. March then appears and instructs everyone to sit where their places are set on the table. They each toast to new guest Lowe with a shot of absinthe. Upon March introducing himself, Lowe states that March is dead, so he cannot be him. March then tells him that he should know that in Hotel Cortez, all things are possible. Each of the guests then introduce themselves to Lowe and they are all serial killers. Even Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and the Zodiac are at the table. They each start to go over their crimes and March stresses the importance of hiding the evidence.

Suddenly, Gacy handcuffs Lowe to his chair and the absinthe begins to take effect. Ms. Evers begins to serve dinner and Ricky Ramirez puts on some music. Lowe sits, disoriented in his chair. March brings in a young man for Dahmer to kill and feast on. Lowe tries to stop him, but doesn’t have the strength. As Dahmer gets his drill, he explains his thought process when it comes to his victims.

Lowe shoots Dahmer in an attempt to stop him and Dahmer reminds him that they’re already dead.

In the next scene, Hypodermic Sally is smoking a cigarette, hanging out outside Hotel Cortez, flirting with a good-looking man who wants to buy some drugs fromher.

Meanwhile, Lowe is trying to figure out what’s going on at the dinner party. March says he fears that he’s lost the detective, previously believing that Lowe would appreciate their dark night. March then toasts the other killers at the table. March rings a bell and asks everyone to join him in dessert. Sally has drugged the man she met outside and has brought him to the dinner party so that the killers can each have their homicidal fun with him. They all begin to stab the man repeatedly.

John Lowe is screaming and Sally wakes him up in the dining room, which is now dark and empty. She tries to convince him that he’s hallucinating. Sally tells him that she is his protector.

Alex goes to see The Countess and surrenders herself to becoming the un-dead so that she can be reunited with her son. The Countess says that “from blood comes life.”