Brooks Ayers’ Interview With Andy Cohen About Fake Cancer Allegations

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Brooks Ayers has sat down with Andy Cohen to give an hour-long interview about the last season of Real Housewives of Orange County. He talks about his cancer diagnosis that the entire cast believes to be fake, his relationship with Vicki Gunvalson and how he truly feels about Gunvalson’s daughter Briana Culberson. Gunvalson has expressed that she was disappointed to learn that Ayers had given a separate interview, which is set to air throughout the RHOC reunion.

In Ayers’ interview with Cohen, he talks about Gunvalson’s daughter Briana and says that she’s a shit-stirrer, as well as a liar and manipulator. Briana’s response is a big F-U. Ayers also gave an interview to E! News and said that it was a relief when he and Gunvalson finally ended their relationship. He admitted they have been actually seeing a reality TV couples’ counselor. He also said that he felt Gunvalson’s daughter Briana had “daddy issues.”

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As far as Brooks Ayers’ fake cancer allegations go, each of the RHOC cast members expresses their true feelings and Gunvalson admits to fabricating stories on Ayers’ behalf. Take a look at how the cast members reacted to Ayers’ cancer claims below:

Tamra Judge stated, “As far as I am concerned I am not the backstabber or the bad friend Vicki, YOU ARE! There is nothing worse than covering for a man that is lying about something as serious as cancer and especially to the extent it was taken too. I know you guys didn’t hear all the inconsistent stories that we heard, but you did get to hear this doozy: “Brooks was so sick after chemo that Vicki called Terry Dubrow and he sent over a doctor to administer an IV.” She told that to Briana and to Shannon back in October before we even started filming. So does that mean Vicki knew Brooks was lying about having cancer before we even started filming? Are they both in on it?”

Lizzie Rovsek revealed that, “If Brooks is lying about something as serious as cancer he will have to suffer because of it. We all sin and we all suffer for our sins, no matter the magnitude. Do I think he is lying about cancer? I will be honest, a lot of stuff doesn’t add up. If he is lying, more than anything, I feel sorry for him. I also feel sorry for Vicki if she has been caught up in a mess of this caliber. I really can’t imagine someone doing that and I don’t know why someone would do that. It’s very sad.”

Meghan King Edmonds writes in one of her Bravo blogs, “Onto Vicki and Brooks…it blows my mind that Vicki continues to relentlessly defend herself and Brooks. She said, “you can’t fix stupid” when referring to me and the girls talking about Brooks and his cancer, which is quite an ironic statement. All of the evidence is there, yet she’s completely throwing religion in our faces as if we are bad people. How can she possibly keep portraying herself as a victim when all of this evidence is adding up against them?”

As far as Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow are concerned, they both admit on the reunion that they believe Brooks Ayers’ cancer diagnosis is NOT real.

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