‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Finale: The Tweets & Theories You Have to See

Travis Fear the Walking Dead, #feartwd, #feartwd finale

Travis may have to rethink his world view, thanks to Fear the Walking Dead. (Justina Mintz/AMC)

Fear The Walking Dead‘s season might be over, but all the reactions and theories are just getting started. What did you think of the finale? Just who is Strand? Is he so prepared because he’s a prepper, or is he harboring a darker secret? Is Travis going to be less of a wimp from now on? Can Daniel be trusted?

These are the tweets and leading theories from the season finale that you absolutely have to see. You’ll find some spoilers through the finale and some spoilers for The Walking Dead here. Add your own theories and reactions in the comments below!

1. Thanks for Leaving the Door Open

Remember when we all got mad at Alicia early on in the series because she left the door to their house open and the German shepherd, who only wanted to survive, got eaten as a result? Well, the entire group just left the gate open when they drove out of the neighborhood, knowing they were planning to release a zombie horde. Although fans could understand not warning the neighbors, in case this tipped off the military, they weren’t sure how they felt about leaving the gate wide open. Just check out this thread on Reddit for a few people’s reactions, along with the Twitter posts below:

2. Can Daniel Be Trusted?

Daniel is a morally gray character who will do whatever it takes to survive, and has the smarts to do it, but he’ll also cross a lot of lines in the process. He was a torturer in the Salvadorean civil war. It’s the only thing that explains why he was able to walk so happily and calmly around while the zombies were following him. He had no problem causing hundreds of people’s deaths, so he and his family could escape. Griselda did say that he was the devil, right before she died. Here are a few Twitter reactions to Daniel:

3. Just Who Is Strand?

Strand meme, who is strand, feartwd strand, #feartwd

This Strand meme was shared on a Reddit thread about the mysterious character. (Imgur)

Strand is a fascinating character. He gives off a very “Governor” type of vibe, a la The Walking Dead. He seems like he could snap any second. But he’s also incredibly smart and a professed prepper. He had a pretty brilliant backup plan in case everything went awry. So, what’s his end game? Is he harboring a dark secret?

A few things we know about him.

  1. He has a thing for suits. Did you see what he was packing? MORE SUITS.
  2. He’s a closer of some sort. Remember when he talked with Doug? He said: ” You are a buyer. How do I know? Because I am a closer. I can sell anything — everything — ask anyone. Except… insurance. Can’t stomach it.”
  3. He’s a master manipulator. We’ve seen him be great with Nick, but that’s because he needed something from Nick. When it came to Doug, he just manipulated Doug into giving up on life completely. And let’s not forget that he was able to trade high-priced cuff links for favors from a soldier, even though cuff links have no value anymore.
  4. He can be heartless. He watched the soldier being eaten alive and wasn’t moved at all. He just wanted to get his cuff links and leave. So there’s a touch of sociopath there?
  5. He’s a prepper. He’s been ready for the apocalypse for some time now. He knows all the back roads and he wasn’t scared at all. He’s been preparing.

What do you think of Strand? Trustworthy or dangerous? Here are a few reactions from fans:

And a little note from the actor who plays Strand:

4. That Death at the End Was Heart-Wrenching, But Travis’s Moment Was Epic

Everyone is devastated by Liza’s death at the end, but fans are also celebrating Travis’s total “Rick Grimes” moment when he snapped and gave Andy a major and much-deserved beating. Finally, Travis is no longer playing Mr. Nice Guy. But will he be able to keep this up? Or, was he trying to stay so calm all along because he knew what could happen if he didn’t?