‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 – Episode 3: Recap & Spoilers

Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3

Check out all the highlights of the best moments that transpired during the 3rd episode airing of The Walking Dead’s Season 6 run. Be sure to head to the next page to get every detail on everything that occurred.

1. Rick and His Group Follow a New Set of Rules For Their Next Plan

Glenn makes his way through the woods with Rick as the truck horn can still be heard in the distance. Michonne and the whole group follow them as the members driving their vehicles hear about Rick’s change in plans. Nicholas has a strange moment where he seemingly slows down and hears a peculiar noise. One of the group members sounds off about Rick and blames him for everything her and the group are currently going through.

Rick announces what’s next for the group and gives Glenn and Michonne the marching orders – go off and take care of the rest of their group. A scream is heard nearby and it happens to be the blood curling yell of a man getting eaten by a walker. The group looks on with worried glances as Michonne kills the zombie…and the man who was bitten.

2. Daryl Changes His Next Course of Action and Leaves Sasha and Abraham Behind

Michonne, Glenn and the rest of the survivors keep moving throughout the forest. Some of the members voice their worries while Michonne and Glenn try to quell their fears. Three of the group’s members go into action mode as they off the many walkers in their path. A few more group members join in to help. Suddenly, one of the group members fires off his gun and mistakenly hits a group member in the leg.

The shaken survivor with the gun runs off scared while the rest of the group keeps on fighting. It looks like every walker has been killed off when all of a sudden, a final zombie bites one of the survivors. Michonne kills the walker, but it’s clear that the bitten survivor needs help…and fast. One the road, Daryl speaks with Sasha and Abraham about what they should do next. Daryl decides to move on and leaves his two allies behind as they keep the zombie horde behind them.

3. Glenn Comes Up With a Dangerous Plan That Can Save The Rest of The Group, But It Could Also Put Him in Danger

Michonne and Glenn’s group make their way out of the forest and out onto a dirt path. The bitten group member tries to keep his mind off his current status by talking to Michonne about his past life. He notes that Aaron was the one to discover him and bring him to Alexandria. As the group keeps walking, the group member recounts how everything led up to him and his current status with the other group members. Two of the group members speak about how to proceed when it comes to the man who was shot.

Later on, the group comes upon a small neighborhood filled with abandoned cars and more trash. Nicholas seems to know where they’re currently located at, so he helps point out which way to proceed. Nicholas finds the hat of the man who ran off previously. They soon discovered his body being eaten by a group of hungry zombies eating the very same man that left them all for dead. After spotting an even larger horde of walkers, Nicholas helps the group find refuge in a pet store.

Everyone makes their way through the store to see if it’s safe. They decide to patch up their bullet stricken friend and plan out how to proceed afterwards. Glenn tells the group about a plan that can result in keeping the rest of the zombies from making their way to Alexandria. Michonne worries about Glenn’s plan, which could result in Glenn possibly getting left behind. Nicholas talks about the next location they have to move to. Glenn goes off to another room and calls Rick on a walkie talkie. Glenn tells him where hum and the group is at while Rick cuts down the zombies in his way. Rick gathers the belongings laid out on the road and keeps moving.

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