WATCH: Justin Bieber Closes the 2015 American Music Awards

Justin Bieber was the closer for the 2015 American Music Awards. He started off with a simple performance of his song “What Do You Mean,” accompanied by just a guitar. He then segued into a performance of his song “Where R U Now,” which was accompanied by dancers off in the distance and lights shining across the stage to begin. As the song picked up, Bieber and several dancers carried out an intricate dance routine.

For his final song, “Sorry,” rain poured down over Bieber and a group of female dancers. For this part of the performance, it was clear he was lip syncing, but he pretty much had to or all the audience would have heard would have been the falling water.

Overall, Bieber killed the finale.

Celebrities singing along and dancing in the audience included stars like Ariana Grande.

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Stay tuned for the full performance video.