‘Reign’ Season 3: Episode 6 Spoilers

Reign spoilers, Reign season 3 spoilers

Francis’ death will send shockwaves around the entire world – even England – in the latest episode of Reign. (© Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW)

We all knew it was coming and it still was awful.

King Francis is dead and things on Reign will never be the same. It’s alright Frary shippers, we’ll always have Mary (Adelaide Kane) telling Francis “I will never love anyone the way I love you.” Ugh. It’s almost too much.

But, just like Mary, we Reign viewers will have to move on and it all starts with Friday night’s brand-new episode, titled “Fight or Flight,” as the young queen realizes she has to help secure the French court. Check out the latest preview clip for the episode here:

Mary will join forces with Catherine (Megan Follows) to help the former queen take over as regent of France, providing the country with some much-needed stability. Of course, this won’t make many people in Scotland happy and may even put Mary’s future at home in jeopardy. The two unlikely allies will continue to grow closer over the next few episodes, brought together by their mutual love of Francis’ memory.

Keep in mind, Nostradamus also told Catherine that the only way she would become regent was by working with Mary. Catherine certainly hasn’t forgotten and she’s determined to keep her power in court. That, naturally, is easier said than done.

“(Francis’ death) shifts the power dynamic at court between Narcisse (Craig Parker) and Catherine. There’s going to be a huge battle for the regency coming up and a blossoming relationship between she and Narcisse because his ambition is going to be awakened again,” showrunner Laurie McCarthy told Entertainment Weekly.

Francis’ sudden death won’t only affect France. It will also send shockwaves in England as the battle between Mary and Elizabeth (Rachel Skarsten) will escalate. Suddenly, Elizabeth will be forced to contend with her own romantic prospects. In other words, get ready for an Elizabeth-Dudley romance, everyone.

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