When Will ‘Blindspot’ Return to TV?

Blindspot spoilers, Blindspot return

We’ve got some time to kill before Blindspot returns to our TV screens on Monday nights. (Facebook)

Oh man, has it really only been a few weeks since the Bllindspot fall finale?

Somehow it has. We’re not sure how, but apparently that’s how time works and for fans of dramatic NBC dramas starring overly-tattooed Jane Does, it’s also particularly disappointing.

Let’s recap what we’ve been dealing with since that heartbreaking last episode.

After successfully tracking down the woman who killed Patterson’s boyfriend, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) worked up the nerve to sneak out of her safe house. She went and found Well and she kissed him! But this is Blindspot and Jane’s life is still Jane’s life so that moment of happiness and romance was more than fleeting.

She was kidnapped by several of Deputy Director Carter’s associates, driven to a warehouse and tortured by Carter himself. It was awful. Then, it got more awful and even more interesting. Jane was shown a video of her past self where she said, “if you’re watching this, the mission is going as planned.”


So, when can we expect this terrible wait to be over? We’ve got some time ahead of us. Blindspot won’t return to TV until Monday, February, 29 with the eleventh episode of the season.

In the meantime, let’s try and battle our collective impatience with the latest spoilers for the second half of season one.

Of course, Jane is going to face some serious emotions after watching video of her former self. Series creator Martin Gero told TV Line:

It’s going to impact her in a huge way, and that’s part of the reason we wanted to do it so early. We love Jane, and she’s a great character that we’re super invested in and that we care about. But it’s hard to write a character like that on a show like this that doesn’t have any secrets outside of what we [know]. She’s all id. There’s no hidden stuff in her, really. This [new information] allows her to play stuff, and it adds a whole layer to the show that is super exciting. It allows us to clarify some of the mystery while adding new parts to it, and it complicates her relationship with the team and with Weller, but in a really fun and beautiful way.

There’s also the potential for a bit of a love triangle ahead, particularly after Jane and Weller’s kiss in the fall finale. In fact, Gero admitted right away that the move will “complicate things” between Jane, Weller and Oscar. Sounds like fun.

Also, don’t be surprised if we see Carter (Michael Gaston) again in the near future. Sure, he’s dead and that was surprising and no one really saw it coming, but there’s a good chance that he’ll also show up again in a series of flashbacks. That being said, don’t be certain that any character (aside from Jane) is every entirely safe.

There’s plenty of drama left ahead, and a season two pick-up already, so get going with your late season one theories guys. We’ve got a bit of a wait ahead of us.