Eileen Davidson’s Sister Connie & Niece Brooke’s Deaths

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Eileen Davidson suffered two great tragedies in a very short time when she joined the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. On the show, we’ve heard Davidson talk about losing a sister and how precious the relationship between siblings is in life. She even tried to help mend the relationship between Kim Richards and her sister Kyle.

On March 21, 2014, Davidson’s sister Connie lost her 7-year battle with breast cancer and Davidson was at her side, along with Connie’s daughter Brooke. Davidson revealed the sad news on her Twitter account, writing:

My beautiful sister lost her battle to cancer last Friday AM. Her daughter and I were with her. Love you Connie 4ever.

On June 7, 2014, another tragic tweet was posted by Davidson, reading:

I’ve been incommunicado. Dealing with family things after my sister passed in march. My sweet niece passed on Mother’s Day. #Breaksurheart

According to a source with The National Enquirer:

It was an emotional one-two punch for Eileen. First, her beloved sister Connie died after a seven-year battle with Breast Cancer on March 21. Then, Brooke died unexpectedly in her sleep at home.

Davidson’s niece Brooke Watkins, 35, left behind a daughter, 13, and a son, 10. Her death was reported to be an alleged overdose.

Brooke is the daughter of another sister of Davidson.

Davidson has opened up about her other niece, Connie’s daughter, to Bravo, revealing:

There’s my niece, Annamarie. She is my sister Connie’s only child. My sister was a single mom, and and I helped raise her daughter. I have always had a very strong connection with Annamarie, and I love her dearly. She’s an amazing young woman with a huge heart, great sense of humor, and immense talent. Jesse and Annamarie are more like siblings than cousins, and they adore each other. Sadly, really devastatingly, Connie died from complications due to breast cancer last March. There’s so much to say, and yet I don’t know how to begin. I guess I’m just so grateful to have Annamarie in my life. She truly has become the daughter I never had.

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