MissUniverse.com Website Crashes

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UPDATE: Voting is now available. CLICK HERE. You can also click MUO.IPOWOW.COM for voting.

The Miss Universe website has crashed, making it impossible to watch the pageant live stream or vote for your favorite contestants.

You may notice that when you try to access http://www.MissUniverse.com and any of the pages on the site, you receive an error page like the one below.

Miss Universe Website Down

This has made any interaction for the 2015 Miss Universe Competition impossible for at-home viewers. Nothing has been posted online by the organization in regards to the technical issue. However, show host Steve Harvey has announced live on FOX that the website has indeed crashed. The problem defeats the purpose of having viewers able to vote for their favorite contestants in the competition. Viewers should be able to cast votes in each category tonight throughout the show. The votes are tallied and the overall choice pushes the at-home viewers’ favorite contestant through to the semi-finals.

Below are two more examples of an error page you may be seeing.

Miss Universe Website Down

Miss Universe Site Crashed

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