The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Dylan Proposes to Sharon

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Thursday’s The Young and the Restless episode had its fair share of turmoil, which heavily featured Sharon’s (Sharon Case) uncertainty over whether she should return to Fairview.

Deception has been a overlying theme as of late on Y&R. This episode was no different. Sharon has not been feeling the greatest lately, as is evidenced by her discussion with Dr. Sandy Anderson, who didn’t have her best interests at heart. However, a “certain someone” did.

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Read on for Thursday’s Young and the Restless spoilers.

Y&R Spoilers – Thursday, December 10, 2015

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Sharon hasn’t been feeling so hot, but Dylan’s special Christmas request may just change that. (CBS Screenshot)

Nick (Joshua Morrow) will do anything to let Sage (Kelly Sullivan) know how much she means to him. Sage still acts resistant.

Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) and Dylan (Steve McAvoy) bond with baby Sully at their home amid the holiday season. Grandpa Paul (Doug Davidson) makes a visit.

Dr. Anderson checks up on Sharon, who tells her she fears she’ll lose Sully one day. Sharon’s wondering if Dr. Anderson is there to send her back to Fairview.

Lily (Christel Khalil) –alongside Devon (Bryton James) — wants to be civil with Cane (Daniel Goddard), but he insists she has feelings for Joe (Scott Elrod). Joe observes this from a distance.

Paul is proud to hold Sully and says he’ll never get tired of it. Dylan asks for Paul’s help on his Christmas gift for Sharon.

Sandy wants to be sure Sharon isn’t too overwhelmed and thinks she’s ready to fully go back on her meds. Sharon says she owes all her growth to her. Sandy is shocked to hear that Sharon lives on the same property as Nick.

Nick and Sage kiss after he tells her his only wish is for things to be good between them. She then refuses his dance request, saying  she’s moving back to the penthouse. The loss of Christian still disturbs her but she still won’t pretend he never existed like she feels Nick is.

Lily pleas with Cane to think of the kids amid his accusations of her of infidelity. Lily says she hates him. Devon even stands up for her. From a distance, Joe continues watching.

After Lily leaves, Cane informs Devon that him and Lily are trying to set Joe up. He tells Devon that there’s proof he’s being framed by him. Cane says Joe is the extortionist.

Lily continues playing along, telling Joe that Cane embarrassed her. Joe wants the two to create a tradition of their own.

Dylan and Paul agree on the former’s Christmas present request.

Sandy continues to pry about Nick to Sharon. This catches Sharon off guard.

Nick insists to Sage that he isn’t trying to forget Christian. Sage isn’t buying it. Nick wants Sage’s help in making the relationship work.

Paul wants Faith to keep an eye on her baby brother, Sully. Sharon enters as Paul exits; he tells her he has to go. Faith wants to know what her mother and Dylan want for Christmas. Dylan says he “almost” has everything he wants.

Sage doesn’t want to feel broken anymore and says she must fix her sadness herself. Nick pleas with her to just let him in. Sage says she has a dark, deep ache that she doesn’t understand. Sage has to leave.

More on Sage’s Relocation.

Devon apologizes to Cane for his prior accusations and will back him up if he wants to go after Joe.

Joe and Lily are stranded in her car together.

Faith thinks Dylan is a good Dad to Sully and her. Dylan says no one can replace her own father. Nick shows and could use a night with Faith, saying he’ll make his famous chocolate chip pancakes.

Dylan says they have a lot to do; perhaps tomorrow night. Sharon is confused since it would help Nick deal with his loneliness.

Sandy pulls up  an old photo and info of Nick on her iPad. It makes her angry. She appears to be up to something.

Joe and Cane look for the lights at a nearby residence. Joe says she looks beautiful and she says he does too.

Cane voices his disappointment over Lily initially going against him. Devon is having issues with Hilary (Mishael Morgan).

Lilly tells Joe that she feels safer with him than she does with Cane. Joe says he’s surprised Lilly is keeping her distance from him after he overhead her say she likes him. Joe thinks he’s being set up.

Dr. Anderson approaches Sage and asks if she can help her.

Dylan continues trying to keep Nick from leaving with Faith. There’s a knock at the door. Santa Claus aka Paul shows.

Sage admits to Sandy that she lashed out at Nick and doesn’t know what to do. Sandy doesn’t think it’s a wise decision to move back with him.

Nick gets why Faith needed to be there now. Santa hands Sharon a small box. Sharon opens it to reveal a bride and groom wedding ornament.

Cane tries calling Lily to no avail. Devon and Cane thinks something is fishy and rush off to find her. Joe continues accusing Lily of setting her up.  Lily reasons with him. He gets angrier. Lily tries to exit the house and Joe stops her.

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