Will Adam & Luca Take Over Newman Enterprises on The Young and the Restless?

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Newman Enterprises was on the fact track to success after receiving Jabot’s $500 million payout on The Young and the Restless. However, the situation got more complex with both Adam (Justin Hartley) and the Santoris tied into the fabric of it’s success. With Adam’s loyalty handcuffed to Victor’s (Eric Braeden) blackmail and Luca (Miles Gaston Villanueva) looking to ride the coattails of Newman’s newfound solvency, the two made a deal to undercut both the Newmans and Santoris.

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Here’s what you need to know and how this Y&R alliance could play out:

A recent trip to Spain brought Luca closer to Marisa (Sofia Pernas) and assure Ava’s safety, which seemed to be bringing Luca closer to his ideal life. However, unbeknownst to him, Noah (Robert Adamson) was in cahoots with Kevin (Greg Rikaart) to orchestrate a plan that ultimately tipped off the Feds on the corrupt Santoris. This turned out to be a disaster for both the Santoris and Newman Enterprises. With an investigation underway, Victor — at Adam’s suggestion — informed Luca that he wanted out of the deal with the Santoris. To assure this, he handed Luca a check with interest to buy the family out. This backfired as Luca refused to back out of the deal.

Later on, Adam and Victor recruited Noah to act as Luca and Marisa’s undercover liaison. They were well aware he sought revenge for Marisa ending things and going back to Luca. During the ordeal, Adam continued dealing with wife Chelsea’s (Melissa Claire Egan), concerned over her husband’s loyalty to Victor.

On Tuesday, Adam — unknown to Chelsea — reached his breaking point with Victor, who once again threatened to expose the secret of baby Christian. In retaliation, Adam called a meeting with Luca, who was surprised to hear from him. Adam informed Luca that if the two joined forces at Newman Enterprises, they could easily take out their old men. After initially balking, Luca sealed the pact with a handshake.

Since Victor is willing to go to any length to destroy his enemies, Adam and Luca must stay under the radar. If they don’t, Victor will expose them both for their checkered pasts. If they do, it will be difficult for both of them to keep the alliance from their significant others; Chelsea and Marisa. If Marisa were to find out, it could drive her back into the arms of Noah, who she acknowledged she’s still in love with. While Adam would likely received Chelsea’s approval at taking down Victor, she wouldn’t be thrilled to learn the true identity of baby Christian, which may be Adam’s.

With the stakes at Newman high, and several scenarios that could go wrong, the Luca-Adam pact could be a formula for disaster. On the other hand, if the two could co-exist and stay under the Genoa City radar, it could be what’s best for business.

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