Is Abby Lee Miller Quitting ‘Dance Moms’ Because of Legal Issues?

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Abby Lee Miller is dealing with 20 counts of fraud, false bankruptcy declarations, and concealment of bankruptcy assets. If she is convicted, she could face five years in prison and/or be charged a $250,000 fine for each indictment count. Miller is reported to have even hid $755,000 in earnings from her show Dance Moms when she filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2010.

In early November 2015, Deadline reported that Miller had a short arraignment in the federal courthouse in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While there, she paid a bond of $10,000 and entered a plea of not guilty. A start date for her jury trial has not yet been announced.

Miller’s legal issues have made their way onto her reality show Dance Moms and she’s been trying to avoid talking to the mothers of her dance team about the situation. Now there is speculation that Miller may quit the show, especially if she receives a jail sentence. If Miller is convicted of the crimes she is charged with, she could face up to 5 years in prison and $5 million in fines. If she gets sent away, she wouldn’t be able to carry on with her show.

According to The Inquistr, Miller has admitted there’s a chance she may be leaving the show, but not because of the legal issues. The ALDC coach was saying that producers on the show were pushing ideas on her that she wasn’t fond of, explaining:

When a grown man tells me he wants one of my kids to portray a pregnant teen and wear a baby bump — I have to put my foot down.

Miller has said that she will do whatever she can to protect the ALDC.

See a promo clip from tonight’s Dance Moms episode below:




Fat Abby has always been a liar and a thief. It’s about time real life catches up to her.


I think that is a bit harsh.Sometimes a is mean but shes done a lot for the girls.If they never met Abby we would not know all of the hard working dancers on the show.So I would not be posting mean comments cause Abby’s gone through a lot. #SupportAbbyMiller

Marlene Zaffino

It has to be a mistake somewhere Abby is too smart to do something so stupid. You have to be crazy to mess with the IRS.

Thomas Kerr

Are you a TOTAL imbecile? The woman is child abusing scum. I have run kids clubs for year, and would expect to have been hospitalised by numerous parents if EVER I treated a child like this sad excuse for a human being.

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