Lace Morris Is the Girl Who Quits ‘The Bachelor’ Tonight?

Lace Morris has been a wildcard on The Bachelor from the minute she stepped out of her limo. She can’t seem to handle sharing time with other women and she often takes out her frustration on the very man she’s trying to impress – Ben Higgins. Even when he gave her a rose on premiere night, a tipsy Morris confronted him, arguing that he didn’t look at her at all during the rose ceremony. She definitely isn’t afraid to make fun of the other women on the show and she seems to rub a lot of the other contestants the wrong way.

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Morris let’s her freak flag fly one last time as she decides to throw in the towel before the rose ceremony. Higgins receives bad news that friends of his family died in a plane crash. When some of the women try to console him, he ends up having to come to the defense of cast member Jubilee. Jubilee seems to be under fire for her connection with Higgins and her sarcastic comments that were clearly jokes. But, just when he thinks the drama has ended, Morris asks to speak with him privately.

Morris cries to Higgins that she’s mad at herself for the way she has acted since she’s come on the show and that she needs to go home and find herself. She wants to better herself.

There were no hard feelings and Morris actually left on a good note, though very emotional.

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