‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers: Is Hayden Larry’s Daughter?

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General Hospital returns next week as Julian (William deVry) and Alexis’s (Nancy Lee Grahn) wedding festivities are compromised by the program’s newest big baddie Dixon (Troy Ruptash). Also, there’s speculation that Hayden (Rebecca Budig) may be Larry’s (Hugo Napier) daughter which would clarify several coincidences.

Read on for next week’s GH’s spoilers. The trailer for Monday’s episode can be viewed above.

Dixon Compromises Julian and Alexis’s Wedding

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Julian — played by the above-pictured William deVry — has his wedding compromised by GHs newest antagonist, Dixon. (Getty)

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Dixon — after distancing himself from Paul — shows up at the church and compromises Julian and Alexis’s holy union. Paul — self defense or not — murdered Kyle (Robb Derringer) and made the body to be Carlos’s (Jeffrey Vincent Parise).
Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) reportedly talks to Anna (Finola Hughes) and Paul about the firearms deal. Paul has informed Anna and Jordan the bare minimum to convince them that he’s truly undercover. He fibbed to Anna that Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) witnessed him putting a bullet in Sloane. However, Paul was really paying Carlos and pushing him to disappear. Paul took key evidence on Ava (Maura West) that ultimately did her in for Connie’s (Kelly Sullivan) murder.He not only blackmailed her into committing crimes, but also took advantage of the situation with her sexually. In hindsight, Paul’s sadistic past hasn’t measured up to that of someone that’s an undercover cop.

Hayden Could Be Larry’s Daughter

General Hospital spoilers, GH spoilers, General Hospital cast, General Hospital recap

Hayden — played by the above-pictured Rebecca Budig — could be Larry’s biological daughter. (Getty)

Meanwhile, on February 20, the site reported that Hayden could “really be Rachel Ashton – the daughter of Larry Ashton.”

Tracy (Jane Elliott) showed up at the same resort as Ashton. Since Hayden was well aware of where Tracy was headed she could’ve set up the impromptu meet up. After the trip, Tracy appeared to have been poisoned. While Ashton wouldn’t be the person to kill her, it’s possible he gave her something to alter her mind. Since Paul was treated badly by the Quartermaine family, he may be seeking revenge in that way.

General Hospital airs Monday thru Friday on ABC from 2:00pm ET to 3:00pm ET on CBS. Be sure to check back with Heavy for all its latest updates and spoilers.

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