‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Season 20 Episode 6

Tonight is another episode of The Bachelor 2016 and the ladies venture off to the Bahamas. With 11 girls left, the drama continues and the animosity towards contestant Olivia carries on as well. Because they are in the Bahamas, much of tonight’s show involves being in the water. For example, the group date involves swimming with pigs, according to Bachelor guru Reality Steve. But, let’s get into the real dirt on what goes down tonight, who gets eliminated and who gets roses. Keep in mind, if you don’t want to know any big spoilers, STOP READING NOW.

Caila Quinn Gets a Solo Date

There is only one solo date on tonight’s episode of the show and Caila Quinn is the girl who gets it. But, Quinn begins to question her relationship with star Ben Higgins and she starts to scare him a bit. Quinn says she feels that she might hurt him in the future and she worries about that. Despite Higgins’ confusion at hearing this, Quinn ends up with a rose.

Amanda Stanton Wins the Group Date Rose

Did she really just say that?! #TheBachelor

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For tonight’s group date, several of the ladies head to the Exuma Grand Isle Resort & Spa, where they reportedly go “swimming with the pigs.” Lauren B., Leah, Amanda, Becca, JoJo, and Lauren H. are the contestants who go on the date. But, the girl who ends up with the group date rose is Amanda Stanton.

Olivia Caridi Is Finally Eliminated

Should Ben take away Olivia's rose? ?

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Olivia Caridi has rubbed a lot of women the wrong way and on the previous episode, the contestants alerted Higgins of her “bad behavior.” Higgins finally addresses this to Caridi, but the episode carries on. Finally, Caridi is brought on a two-on-one date with twin Emily Ferguson. For the date, they take a boat out to a private island and one of the girls gets sent home – Olivia Caridi. (Pause for applause.) So, we finally say goodbye to Olivia.

Tell us how you really feel, Emily!

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This is especially great news for contestant Emily Ferguson, who had a serious hatred for Caridi.

Lauren Bushnell Gets Targeted By Another Contestant

Lauren Bushnell has been a favorite of star Ben Higgins’ since the premiere of the show. Perhaps this is why another girl decides to tell Higgins that Lauren B. has been putting on a facade. Upon hearing this news, Bushnell becomes very upset and it looks like contestant Leah Block may have something to do with the accusations. We will have to wait and see …

Four Women Get Sent Home

Tonight, there are four women who go home. The first is Jen Saviano in the very beginning at a rose ceremony left over from last week’s episode. The second we see is Olivia Caridi. Then, after the two-on-one date, Leah Block is reported to have a talk with Higgins as she’s concerned about not getting a solo date yet this season. According to Reality Steve, Block gets sent home. Higgins then decides to cancel the cocktail party and eliminates contestant Lauren Himle at the rose ceremony.

And, for an added bonus, below is a clip from last week’s Bachelor Live, which features a preview from the finale. Higgins tells TWO women he loves them and then he freaks out about his decision. Watch it below.