Abby Champion: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Patrick Schwarzenegger is the son of a former champion bodybuilder, now he’s dating a model named Abby Champion. It’s nice when things come together like that. TMZ first reported the couple were an item when they were spotted out-and-about in LA together on Abby’s 19 birthday which was on February 28. She’s a native of Birmingham, Alabama. It’s not clear how long the couple have been together. What is clear is that Patrick is a sucker for that southern charm.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She’s Signed to NEXT Models

Abby Champion Twitter page


Abby is signed to NEXT models, you can read her measurements here. According to her profile at Boutiques Daily, she has worked for Soca Clothing and Kristalize Jewelry in her home state of Alabama. That profile says she’s most recently worked for Show Me Your Mumu, referred to as a “major global brand,” by the site.

2. Her Sister Represented Alabama in Miss Teen USA in 2014

Abby Champion Sister Sarah Baskin Champion

Abby and her sister Baskin. In the caption for this pic, Baskin wrote, “Happppy birthday to my fav person & fav baby sis! Love being with you every second of every day & being best friends with you. I wouldn’t want any other sister! Love u baby sis. Happy 19! (Instagram)

Abby’s sister, Baskin Champion, was Miss Teen Alabama in 2014 and went on to represent her state at the national pageant that year. Baskin did so while she was studying at Auburn University, reported the school’s student newspaper The Plainsman. The piece mentions

She’s also an aspiring model who is now based in Miami, according to her website. In a November 2015 blog entry about her time as a beauty queen, Baskin mentions that she and Abby modeled together at Birmingham Fashion Week in 2015.

3. Her Biggest Turn Off Is a ‘Sweaty Guy’

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Abby Champion

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Abby pictured together. (Instagram)

In a July 2015 interview with Galore Magazine, Abby says that her biggest turn off is a “sweaty guy.” She also said that during the summer of 2015 she was planning a “fun, crazy, unforgettable summer in LA.” Abby lists her favorite vacation spot as Queenstown, New Zealand. The feature in the Plainsman from 2015 on Abby’s sister mentioned that their father, Dr. Greg Champion, was a doctor and graduate of the University of Alabama. The article says that because of this, their family traveled around the world.

4. She Shares a YouTube Channel With Fellow Aspiring Model Charlotte D’Alessio

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Abby clearly likes to be a goof, demonstrated by the YouTube channel she shares with aspiring model Charlotte D’Alessio. When asked on Twitter why the pair hadn’t posted a video in so long, Charlotte said, “It’s so hard to find a time @abbychamp and I are both available.”

5. News of the New Romance Comes Just as Patrick’s Ex Was Pictured Shopping in NYC With Her Boobs on Show

The news of this hot new couple comes as the world is reeling from the reports that Patrick’s ex Miley Cyrus was pictured shopping with her boobs on show in New York City. While Patrick and Abby may not see too much of each other, he’s appearing in three movies in 2016, Dear Eleanor, Midnight Sun, and North.