Is ‘NCIS’ on Tonight?

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Next week’s NCIS involves a 14-year-old boy foiling a home invasion, but Gibbs isn’t sure the teenager is being completely forthcoming about what happened.

NCIS takes a brief hiatus tonight before returning on May 3 with the final three episodes of the season. Gibbs and his team will continue their search for the escaped British spy, Jacob Scott, who alluded the agents on last week’s episode.

The CBS drama is also getting ready to say goodbye to Michael Weatherly and his character, Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. The show has dropped subtle hints about DiNozzo’s plans to leave, but what or who prompts his actual exit is still unknown.

The next episode titled “Homefront” will feature a very special guest star when NCIS goes inside the White House for a visit with First Lady Michelle Obama. She will shine a spotlight on the “Joining Forces” initiative and share the screen with Mark Harmon.

See what else to expect in the final stretch of episodes of NCIS season 13.

The Escaped British Spy Has Already Claimed His First Victim

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Fornell and Vance will travel to London to gather more information on the escaped British spy. (Bill Inoshita/CBS)

In the closing moments of last week’s episode, Gibbs and FBI Agent Fornell (Joe Spano) found Homeland Senior Division Chief Tom Morrow (Alan Dale) shot execution-style in his study. An escaped British spy named Jacob Scott is behind the murder and he isn’t done yet.

Fornell and NCIS Director Vance will catch a flight to London to learn more about the escaped convict. They will eventually call in reinforcements when Sarah Clarke and Duane Henry join the cast as FBI Special Agent Tess Monroe and MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves, respectively, in the final two episodes.

Back at home, the team catches a case involving a 14-year-old boy who foils a home invasion, but Gibbs suspects the teenager is withholding pertinent details.

First Lady Michelle Obama Welcomes ‘NCIS’ into the White House

ncis michelle obama, ncis season 13, ncis homefront

First Lady Michelle Obama pays a special visit to NCIS to promote the initiative “Joining Forces,” launched by her and Dr. Jill Biden in 2011.

NCIS was the first film production to shoot inside the White House for next week’s episode, which features an appearance by First Lady Michelle Obama. She welcomes Gibbs and the wife of a Marine to a “Joining Forces” roundtable with military spouses.

The “Joining Forces” initiative encourages Americans to rally around service members, veterans and their families and support them through wellness, education and employment opportunities. Obama and Dr. Jill Biden launched the initiative in 2011. NCIS used actual military spouses as extras in the scene.

Executive producer Gary Glasberg spoke about filming in the White House in a release.

Filming inside the White House was a dream come true for the ‘NCIS’ cast and crew. It was such a pleasure working with First Lady Michelle Obama and it’s our honor to support the ‘Joining Forces’ initiative and the military families that benefit from it.

DiNozzo’s Departure — Get Ready for the Waterworks

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Tony will share a moment with all of his colleagues before he departs NCIS.

The escaped British spy will consume most of the plot over the final three episodes, but a good chunk of time will be given to DiNozzo as he prepares to leave NCIS. A few weeks ago, Tony went through an identity crisis when a suspect pointed out that he has “no life. No wife, no kids, no hobbies, same job, same apartment… Nothing changes with you.”

McGee also informed Tony that he doesn’t need to disclose the deaths of the people who were chopped up in his apartment before he purchased it given the passage of time. That information perked his interest.

When Weatherly does say goodbye to NCIS, he will share a moment with each of his co-stars including one “amazing moment with Gibbs that really resulted in something that I didn’t see coming,” Glasberg told TVLine. The EP also said:

People should absolutely be planning on some really serious, heart-wrenching moments. There’ll be tissues involved. I’m very proud of the emotional resonance of what this is, even in terms of what we’re filming right now in the finale.

NCIS returns with new episodes on Tuesday, May 3 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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