Who Got Eliminated on ‘Survivor’ Tonight?

The episode started off with the men very happy they were safe from the previous tribal council, but the drama wasn’t over for the Survivor cast. As usual, the episode was filled with scheming and obstacles, but who got kicked off this week? The contestant who was sent packing tonight was … Scot Pollard.

Tonight, Tai was voicing that all the scheming and manipulation on the show was exhausting and not something he was fond of. Aubry bonded with Tai to let him in on some of the strategies going on behind the scenes. He then shares the information with the guys about how the women want him off the show. But, Tai starts to feel that he doesn’t really have any power in his alliance when they voice that they want Aubry gone.

During the Immunity Challenge, Aubry comes very close to winning, but she comes in second with no chance of immunity and Jason takes the win. Tai wants to be true to Aubry, but he doesn’t want to anger his alliance.

At tribal council, the girls butt heads with the guys. Jason outright says that he and Scott will not be going home. Meanwhile, Tai says that he is not in the habit of scheming, but he is dedicated to his alliance. In a shocking twist, however, Scot Pollard is voted off the show. Talk about a blind-side.

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1 Comment


Biggest and Best blindside ever! What a Jerk this ex basketball player is.

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