Jimmy Fallon’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Jimmy Fallon wife, Jimmy Fallon Nancy Juvonen, Jimmy Fallon Family

Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonel at 2010 Emmys (Getty)

Jimmy Fallon has risen from Saturday Night Live cast member to host of NBC’s The Tonight Show, but he hasn’t been alone on his journey to becoming a king of late night and getting the Golden Globes hosting gig.

Fallon has been married to Nancy Juvonen since 2007 and the couple are proud parents to two adorable little girls. The comedian, 41, has also had the support of his parents during his professional career.

Here’s some facts about Fallon’s parents, wife and children.

1. Fallon’s Family Has Irish Roots & His Father Fought in Vietnam

Irish America found that Fallon’s background is predominantly Irish. However, he also has some German and Norwegian in him. His family had settled in Brooklyn and he was born there. However, Fallon’s parents moved to Saugerties in upstate New York, where Fallon was raised.

Fallon’s father, James Fallon, is a Vietnam War Veteran, Fallon told New York Magazine in 1999. At the time, Fallon said of his parents, who attended his first Tonight Show broadcast in 2014:

“My dad was in Vietnam, and he was in a doo-wop group. My mom was like a total square; she wasn’t allowed to leave her stoop in Brooklyn. She was a nun for about a month, but then she was like, ‘You know what? I didn’t get the calling!’ Ha! When did Sound of Music come out? I think there was like a thing where everyone wanted to be a nun.”

2. Nancy Juvonen, Fallon’s Wife, is a Successful Film Producer

Jimmy Fallon Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon wife, Jimmy Fallon Nancy Juvonen

Friends Jeffrey Richmond and Tina Fey with Nancy Juvonen and Jimmy Fallon in 2011 (Getty)

Juvonen, 49, met Fallon through mutual friend Drew Barrymore. The two friends run Flower Films together and Juvonen has produced several of Barrymore’s films. That includes Fever Pitch, which starred both Fallon and Barrymore. Juvonen also produced 50 First Dates, Never Been Kissed and 2016’s How To Be Single.

One of Juvonen’s upcoming projects is Santa Clarita Diet, a comedy series for Netflix that will star Barrymore and former Deadwood star Timothy Olyphant. According to Deadline, the show will debut in 2017. Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) was picked to direct the first two episodes.

3. Daughter Winnie Rose Was Born Via Surrogate

Jimmy Fallon daughter, Jimmy Fallon Winnie Rose, Winnie Rose Fallon

Winnie Rose on Halloween (Instagram)

Winnie Rose Fallon, now 2, was born on July 23, 2013. Fallon and Juvonen were able to keep the fact that they were expecting a secret. Fallon later told The Today Show that Winnie was born via surrogate. They made a decision to keep it a secret until Winnie was born.

“We said, ‘We’re not going to tell anybody.’ It’d be just more fun if it’s just private between me and my wife. And then we get to introduce her to everybody.”

When Winnie was born, Fallon told Today:

“I can’t stop looking at her. When I’m not holding her, I’m looking at photos of her on my phone. She’s the coolest – the best thing to ever happen to me.”

4. Fallon Kept Frances a Secret When They Were Expecting Her

Jimmy Fallon daughter, Jimmy Fallon Frances Fallon, Jimmy Fallon children

Frances Cole Fallon (Instagram)

Fallon and Juvonen also did not tell anyone that they were expecting a second child until Frances Cole Fallon was born on December 3, 2014. Like her older sister, Frances was born via surrogate. Fallon ended up cancelling tapings of The Tonight Show after Frances was born.

“Their new addition joins big sister, Winnie Rose, 1. The couple opted to keep their baby joy to themselves until their new daughter, Frances Cole, made her official debut. Both Fallon babies were born via surrogate,” a NBC statement to E! News read.

In an interview with InStyle, Fallon said of being a dad:

Once kids are in your life, it’s like, “Oh, yeah, that’s it, that’s my number-one care. Is everything OK there?” If it is, then these other things that you think might be problems—they’re not real problems. You have to be light on your feet as a parent. There are so many audibles when you have children. They throw up all over the car and you go, “OK, we’re not taking the car.” Or, “We have to drive with the windows down.” It’s all problem-solving. It just makes it easier at work to say, “We’ll figure it out. We’ll get there.”

5. There Were Rumors of Marriage Struggles, but They’re Still Together

Jimmy Fallon wife, Jimmy Fallon red carpet, Nancy Juvonen

Nancy Juvonen and Jimmy Fallon in 2009 (Getty)

In summer 2015, there were rumors running wild in tabloids that Fallon and Juvonen were heading for divorce. These rumors were linked to another rumor that Fallon struggles with drinking and NBC considered taking the Tonight Show away from him.

However, Gossip Cop reported that both of these rumors were not true. Indeed, the two were just seen together in New York, happily playing with their daughters, notes The Daily Mail. And Fallon is still the host of The Tonight Show.

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