Joe Jackson Hospitalized: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Joe Jackson landed back in the hospital over the weekend with a high fever. (Getty)

Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, was hospitalized with a high fever at a local Los Angeles hospital, according to TMZ. He fell ill during a routine check up.

Jackson, 87, went to visit his doctor and during a series of test, he struck a high fever. His doctor then admitted him to the hospital and he remains there, surrounded by his family. His son Jermaine told TMZ on Saturday that he’s “doing much better.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Jackson Was Admitted to the Hospital After a Routine Check Up

Joe Jackson went in for a routine check up on Friday when he started no feeling well, according to TMZ. He spiked a fever during a series of tests and his doctor admitted him to a local Los Angeles hospital.

Jackson remains in the hospital, but his son Jermaine told a TMZ videographer that his father was “doing much better.” Jermaine would not confirm any specifics about his father’s condition except to say his vital signs were “great.”

“He’s just tired. He’s 87. We’re just tryin’ to hold onto him as long as we can,” the fourth oldest Jackson child said. “He’s up there telling jokes! He’s very strong. He’s doing just fine.”

2. Jackson Could Be Closer to Death Than His Family Says

joe jackson health, joe jackson hospital

Jackson’s health situation may be more dire than his family is letting on. (Getty)

A family insider has told Radar Online that the Jackson’s patriarch “is in real bad shape.” The family has gathered by his side and don’t expect him to last much longer.

Since suffering from a stroke last summer, Jackson has required 24-hour home care, another source told Radar in March. The source said:

His medical condition is so far gone and Joe has not left his bed in months. That is on doctor’s orders. He is literally not allowed to leave his house. It is really bad.

3. He Suffered A Stroke in Brazil Last Summer

joe jackson health, joe jackson stroke

The Jackson patriarch has suffered from multiple strokes in the last 20 years.

While celebrating his 87th birthday in São Paulo, Brazil, Jackson suffered a stroke which left his with temporary blindness, according to TMZ. He woke up feeling dizzy and without vision on July 26, his birthday.

Jackson was admitted to Albert Einstein Hospital’s intensive care unit and was suffering from an irregular heartbeat, according to The Associated Press. He missed his own birthday party because he had already been checked into the hospital.

On top of the stroke, Jackson’s heart also stopped beating for 10 seconds, his publicist told Us Weekly in July. The publicist said:

He was at an event and he was feeling light-headed and dizzy… They found out there was something wrong with his eye. There was an artery that burst behind it… He had one stroke and then his heart stopped three times. I don’t know if they’re calling that a heart attack, but officially they said one stroke and his heart stopped three times.

Jackson has suffered three previous strokes including one in 1998 and another in 2012. He also has diabetes.

4. Jackson’s Son Michael Left Nothing for Him in the Will

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Michael Jackson left his father nothing in his will. His estate was split between his mother Katherine, his children and multiple charities. (Getty)

Jackson’s son Michael died in 2009, but he left nothing for his father in the will, according to CBS News. Michael’s estate was split between his mother, Katherine Jackson, his three children — Prince, Paris and Blanket — and various charities.

Joe did request a family allowance from the estate to cover expenses that exceeded $15,000 a month, according to the Telegraph. He claimed that he was relying on Michael for support in addition to his $1,700 monthly Social Security payment. Court documents filed by his lawyer, Brian Oxman, at the time said:

He does not have a regular or steady source of income, and he was dependent upon the money provided by his son, Michael Jackson, through his wife, Katherine Jackson, for his support.

An itemized list determined he needed:

  • $1,200 a month on rent for his Las Vegas home
  • $2,500 to eat out
  • $1,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacations
  • $2,000 on air travel
  • $3,000 on hotels

  • 5. Jackson Served as the Talent Manager for his Performing Children

    the jackson five, the jackson five family

    The Jackson Five became known as the Jacksons once the youngest brother, Randy, joined the group.

    Jackson began to form his sons into a singing group in the early 1960s. The group first included his three older sons, Jackie, Tito and Jermaine. He then added his younger sons, Marlon and Michael. He also oversaw the careers of his other children — son Randy and daughters, Rebbie, La Toya and Janet.