Miss USA 2016 Pageant Winner

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Tonight was the 2016 Miss USA Pageant, with 52 contestants involved in the competition. So, who was crowned the winner? And the winner is … Miss District of Columbia (D.C.) Deshauna Barber.

The second runner-up for Miss USA was Miss Georgia. The first-runner up takes the place of the winner should she not be able to fulfill her duties as Miss USA.

The top 3 contestants tonight were Miss District of Columbia (D.C.) Deshauna Barber, Miss Georgia Emanii Davis and Miss Hawaii Chelsea Hardin. The motto of Miss USA is to be “confidently beautiful. Tonight during the pageant, Miss Georgia said what this means is to love your flaws, while Miss Hawaii spoke about beauty that will last a lifetime and loving yourself. As for Miss District of Columbia, she said that it’s important to understand beauty is not always about your appearance.

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During the top 5 questioning, Miss California, who many thought was a shoe-in to win, had a very difficult time with her question. She was silent in the beginning and couldn’t manage to put her words together. Sadly, she appeared very upset and did not make it into the top 3 finalists.

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