Dr. & Mrs. Cary Deuber’s Marriage: Who Is Mark’s First Wife?

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Prior to getting married, Cary and Mark Deuber had worked together for years. Mark was the plastic surgeon while Cary was his first assistant and nurse. Real Housewives of Dallas star LeeAnn Locken implied on the show that Mark and Cary got together while Mark was still married to his first wife. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mark talked about how he first met Cary, explaining:

We’ve actually known each other for 15 or 16 years. I was a resident, and she was a young nurse at the hospital … Then, I had been in practice about three or four years, and she came to work for me. The reason she did that is because I was doing a lot of complex types of reconstructive surgery that required an operative assistant.

Cary and Mark were very close as he even attended her second wedding (Mark is her third husband). Mark told Entertainment Tonight that:

I don’t want to trash my first marriage or my ex-wife, but suffice it to say, I was not in a good place for a long time in my marriage. I think I gained a lot of weight, I drank a lot. I think I was just not taking care of myself at all … I started taking care of myself, and I started losing weight, and I was kind of checked out on my marriage.

He continued:

It’s certainly been implied that we were sneaking around. I mean, a lot of what was said was true: we did work together, and we did wind up getting together, and we’re married now. And you know what? Things like that happen. [But] we did not sneak around and have an affair.

Mark has said that he and wife Cary did get together rather quickly after he and his ex-wife separated, but he insists there was no cheating. He said that if he had cheated with Cary, his kids would hate her and that’s not the case. Though Mark insists there was no affair, RHOD star Brandi Redmond told viewers:

I’ve been protecting Cary for a long time, but I found out that Cary was the nanny while [Mark] was married. She was the nanny and the nurse, but she needed more work, so Mark hired her to do both. It’s a little obvious that they had an affair. If something went on with my family like that, that bitch would have some problems.

Redmond also said straight to Cary Deuber’s face that:

I’ve done nothing but protect you. And I know for a fact that you were the fucking nanny.

On the RHOD reunion, LeAnne Locken said that there were rumors Mark fell for Cary when she was marrying her second husband, but until then, he hadn’t wanted to leave his wife. Cary and Mark say this is completely false. Cary ended up with her second husband for only three months as she says he was a serial dater who was engaged several times. She says one day she got home and he had left her.

Mark’s ex-wife’s name has not been released.

The couple’s estimated net worth is $1.5 million.