Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris only broke up a few weeks ago but the “Shake it Off” singer isn’t wasting any time moving on. Her newest love interest? Actor Tom Hiddleston. You know, the guy she was caught dancing wildly with at the Met Ball in May.

This new relationship comes on the heels of her last one with DJ Calvin Harris, which only ended earlier in June, according to People.

Apparently, the Thor and Night Manager actor made a good impression, as it only took a few weeks for things to heat up.

The British actor and American singer been spotted all over the world together and things are moving quickly.

1. They Locked Eyes at The Ball While Swift Was Still With Harris


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We saw the sparks fly, for lack of a better term, on May 2, 2016 at the Met Gala in New York City.

Swift was a co-chair for the event and attended without Harris, who she was still dating at the time. Hiddleston and Swift bonded over their love of dancing when T.I.’s “Bring Em Out” came on and an onlooker captured the pair breaking it down on the dance floor.

While they definitely appeared to be having a blast in the video, they kept a friendly distance, according to People, since Swift was still in a relationship.

According to The Sun, after the night, Hiddleston described Taylor as “very charming” and added: “She is amazing.”

The Sun reported that in a recent interview, Hiddleston said, “I was on a table with Taylor Swift and The Weeknd was playing and she said: ‘The thing about these parties is nobody gets up to dance.’”

She said: ‘If they play I Can’t Feel My Face we have to get up and dance as an encore.’…I said: ‘I’m in, of course, let’s go. Absolutely.’ We just jumped up and started dancing – and everybody else started dancing – which was great. And it was cool. Taylor is a huge star. Maybe it’s just the randomness of it.

Hiddleston told MTV UK that Swift was “very charming.”

2. They Broke The Internet 6 Weeks Later

Swift and Hiddleston sent their fans into a frenzy when photos of them getting cozy hit the internet on June 15, just six weeks after the Met Ball.

The Sun released photos of Hiddleston and Swift holding hands and kissing during a romantic day out on a beach in Rhode Island.

An onlooker told The Sun, “They were all over each other – hugging and kissing – even though there were 20 people coming and going on the beach…“They looked like any young couple madly in love without a care in the world.”

The photos were taken on a rocky stretch of Misquamicut beach by her million dollar mansion in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

3. He Is Almost a Decade Older Than Swift

The actor is 35 and the singer is 26; they are nine years apart. However, Swift is used to dating older men. Her most recent ex, Harris, is seven years older than her. Her ex John Mayer is 12 years older than her, and another ex, Jake Gyllenhaal is also nine years older.

Hiddleston has more experience with women around his age. According to Bustle, he dated Kat Dennings (five years younger) and Jessica Chastain (four years older).

4. Things Are Moving Fast

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Since those photos were released, the couple has traveled the world together. Us Weekly reports that they’ve been to Nashville and England together. Don’t forget, they’ve only been dating for a few weeks.

The Daily Mail caught the couple on a stroll in Rome this week.

According to E! News, Swift told her best friends she’s falling for the Thor actor. “She texted her close friends and said, ‘I think I am in love and I never felt this way before!'”

E! News also reports that they have both already met each other’s parents.

Tom’s mom has met Taylor and she loves her…He introduced Taylor as his girlfriend. Tom told Taylor afterwards that she made a great impression. Tom’s mom was joking around saying she wants grandchildren.

E!’s source said, “their families love them as a couple, and it seems like everyone, including her close friends, think this is going to be the guy she will end up with.”

Hiddleston accompanied Swift to her bestie Selena Gomez’s Nashville concert, and HollywoodLife, Gomez “approves” of Swifts new boo.

5. Harris and Other Celebs Have Trashed the New Relationship

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Taylor Swift hugs her ex, Calvin Harris, who apparently has some issues with her new relationship. (Getty)

TMZ reports that Swift’s ex Harris thinks it’s “‘f****** laughable’ that Taylor Swift has already met Tom Hiddleston’s mother … considering she NEVER met Calvin’s parents during their 15-month relationship’

TMZ claims that Harris wanted Swift to meet his parents in the U.K. but Swift said it was too far away. That’s odd, considering the fact that she went to the U.K. to meet Hiddleston’s family after only a few weeks.

We’re told Calvin was understandably “bewildered and astonished” when he heard about TayTom’s visit to meet his mother, Diana … in the freakin’ U.K.!! Remember, Hiddleston’s only been in the picture for a few weeks at this point.

TV host Wendy Williams is also trashtalking the relationship, calling Hiddleston an opportunist who is only dating Swift to get attention.

First of all, he wants to be the next James Bond, and he’s English. And I suspect — because I’d never heard of this guy before, you see — so how do you drum up votes? By getting on Hot Topics. I’m just saying! And how do you get on Hot Topics? By dating somebody that we talk about.

Williams accused Swift of calling the press to come grab photos of the couple in Rhode Island.