Wells Adams, ‘The Bachelorette’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Wells Adams is the cute DJ from Nashville on season 12 of The Bachelorette and tonight he gets his first one-on-one date with star JoJo Fletcher. Read on for the details on Wells and BEWARE of spoilers on this season’s winner as well as Wells’ fate on the show. You have been warned …

1. All of the Remaining Guys Have Kissed JoJo Except for Wells

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Wells Adams reveals that he is the only guy who has not kissed JoJo Fletcher on episode 6 of the show this season. The other guys are surprised and even amazed at the news. Perhaps that’s why JoJo’s solo date card to him reads “Kiss Me.” She’s telling him to finally take the initiative and kiss her. Check out the video clip above.

2. Adams Apparently Shared a Threesome Story On the Show

The real story of Wells' 3some on The BacheloretteOur coworker Wells had his threesome story cut from the episode of the Bachelorette in which the guys had to reveal their sex stories on stage. Here's what America missed.2016-06-09T00:11:27.000Z

Wells Adams actually shared a story about having a threesome on one of the episodes this season. Unfortunately, it was cut. He revealed that his threesome was actually a colonoscopy when two people were “sticking things up his butt” and that he’s “not into butt stuff.”

3. Finding Homes for Dogs Is a Passion of His

On his Instagram account, Adams often shows his passion for pooches. He volunteers often with the Nashville Humane Association in order to find dogs loving homes.

4. He Almost Fainted On the Show

During the week 2 episode of the show, the guys competed in a fireman challenge for the group date. Adams is a pretty small guy compared to most of the other contestants and he had difficulty with the challenge, especially when it came to staying hydrated. He nearly fainted on the date.

5. The Winner This Season Is … Not Wells Adams

This season on The Bachelorette, Reality Steve reports the winner to be Jordan Rodgers. This means that Wells Adams is not the winner. In fact, he is reported to be eliminated at the next rose ceremony, which means that his solo date with JoJo Fletcher does not convince her that they have a future together.