Who Gets Evicted Tonight on ‘Big Brother 18’? 7/28/2016

Frank Eudy was up on the block tonight for Big Brother 18 and was trying to figure out a way to save himself. Bridgette Dunning was also up on the block, but Frank ended up leavig the house. In the beginning of the episode, the contestants find out there are clues in the house that can help them in the game. When Paul discovers the code to a secret tunnel, he has his boys Corey and James lead Frank and Bridgette away from the area.

Paul finds himself in a secret Paris room. The other contestants start to catch on and each of them enters the room, grabbing fake plane tickets that could either be a “round trip” or “one-way” ticket. This could save or eliminate someone.

When Bridgette and Frank each pleaded their cases before the house votes for eviction tonight, Frank did not care about sucking up. He made it clear that he did not wish anyone well, so he pretty much sealed his fate. The vote was unanimous.