‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers 2016 – Episode 2

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“Bachelor In Paradise” Cast Spoilers 2016

Let’s start off by putting the warning out there that if you DO NOT want to know any spoilers on the show, STOP READING NOW. On tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, Chad Johnson continues to get the boot after a premiere filled with drunkenness and verbal abuse. And, he is not too happy with host Chris Harrison for delivering the news. Since the airing of the premiere, Johnson has apologized via Twitter for his insensitive comments about fellow cast member Sarah Herron, calling her a “one-armed bitch.” Herron replied with a tweet that read: If @realchadjohnson is really sorry, which I believe he is… he knows how to correct it with me personally. Doesn’t need to be on a stage. The cast members then celebrate Johnson’s leaving and their quests to find love on the show. Previously, Jubilee Sharpe and Jared Haibon went on a date, but their romance won’t last for long. Plus, new cast member Leah Block shows up and ABC reports she’s sad to see Chad Johnson is gone. As a result, she decides to take out a guy several of the women are crushing on – Nick Viall. Unfortunately for Block, when Viall receives his own date card, he decides to take hot, single mom Amanda Stanton out on a date. ABC writes: Later, things get complicated when the bachelor vet receives his own surprise date card and takes the bachelorette out for a fun and fiery night in Mexico, leaving his previous date upset! With one bachelor on so many dates, will feelings get hurt? In the meantime, cast member Emily Ferguson tries snuggling up with Jared Haibon, which gets her a rose at the rose ceremony over Leah Block and Jubilee Sharpe.

When Block and Sharpe are sent packing, pretty soon, this leaves room for some new men to come on board. Josh Murray, Christian Bishop and Brandon Andreen make their way onto the BIP3 scene. And, Murray is out to win the heart of Amanda Stanton, going head-to-head against his former rival Nick Viall. If you want a really big spoiler, Murray and Stanton get engaged at the end and are still together today. Who would have thought, right? There are photos of them out together with Stanton’s little girls all over the internet. As for Viall, don’t worry. He still finds love this season, according to Reality Steve. This week, Bishop reportedly takes out Sarah Herron, Evan Bass takes out Carly Waddell and Brandon Andreen hangs out with Haley Ferguson. For all the spoilers on the contestants arriving on the show tonight, check out the below photos with background and spoilers on each of them below.

Leah Block

When Leah Block was vying for Ben Higgins' heart on "The Bachelor", she ended up playing a little dirty at an attempt to get a leg up on her competition. This time around, she comes onto the BIP3 scene to find that Chad Johnson had been booted from the show. In turn, she decides to take out Nick Viall and the date appears to go well, filled with several kisses. Unfortunately, Viall chooses to take Amanda Stanton out on a date and Block feels upset. Block tells the cameras this kind of thing always happens to her, where she gets close to believing something is real and only gets rejected. (Instagram)

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