Felicity Wills, Tape Face Sam’s Wife – Who the AGT Star Is Married To

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Tape Face is Sam Will’s real name. You may know him from his comedic mime act, currently showcased on America’s Got Talent. So, who is the guy behind the tape?

Well, one thing we can tell you is that he hails from New Zealand and is married to a woman named Felicity Wills. Felicity, who is also known as Lili La Scala, met her husband at a Christchurch festival and they ended up getting engaged there in 2008. About a year later in 2009, they tied the knot in a “symbolic wedding”, according to Stuff NZ. The couple later made it legal in an official ceremony.

In 2013, the couple welcomed their first child, a son named Rafferty Basil Danger Wills. Felicity explained the name choice to Stuff NZ, stating that:

We thought Danger Wills was a good busker name. Basil Wills is a good accountant’s name and Rafferty Wills is a good name if he wants to become an actor luvvie. We thought it would be great if he could actually say, ‘Danger is my middle name’. That is just for us.

“Danger is my middle name,” is a line from the movie Austin Powers. And, in case you are wondering what a “busker” is, it’s another name for being a street performer or performing in public places for tips.

Felicity’s maiden name is Redman and she met her husband as a burlesque performer, a profession she is known for today. Check out a photo of her in action in the below tweet.

The couple resides together in England.

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