‘Mr. Robot’: What Happened to Angela?

angela mr robot

What’s going to happen to Angela on Mr. Robot? (USA Network)

We’ve got a lot of mysteries to solve now that Season 2 Episode 10 of Mr. Robot has aired. Among the mysteries is figuring out exactly what happened to Angela. Hopefully it won’t take as long as figuring out what happened to Tyrell. This article will contain spoilers through Episode 10, so only read on after you’ve watched the episode.

Here’s what you need to know.

Fan theories about Angela seem to focus mostly on one of two points. Either she was taken by FBI agents, or she was taken by the Dark Army.

First, it’s likely that Angela was wired while she was talking to Elliot. The posters in the background while they were speaking on the subway hinted strongly to that possibility:

When Elliot kissed her, she may have been crying because it was a Judas-type kiss and she was trying to turn him in.

If that’s the case, then she may have been taken by the FBI. Remember, Elliot didn’t say enough to give himself away. When Angela asked him why he started FSociety, he didn’t give away any incriminating information for the FBI to work with. So the FBI may have nabbed her after her unsuccessful attempt to set up Elliot. A writer on Reddit shared a theory after last week’s episode that Angela has had the same two people in her background in multiple scenes. Here’s one example:

angela surveillance team


You can see all the photos here and it’s really obvious. One of the people is a woman with long, dark brown hair. The other is a man. These may be FBI agents. But, they’ve been following Angela everywhere, even when she meets with the FBI. That’s why it’s very possible they’re not FBI themselves, but Dark Army.

In fact, many fans think that she was taken by the Dark Army. WhiteRose and the Dark Army have been protecting Elliot. They even had a bodyguard on him in prison. So it’s very likely that if they figured out Angela was trying to turn Elliot in, they decided to take her instead and stop her.

If these theories are wrong and she was not betraying Elliot, then she may have been taken by the Dark Army to stop her from confessing and putting Elliot in possible danger. Elliot has done far more with the Dark Army than we have any idea. If he was the author of Phase 2, then they still need Elliot and will protect him from any dangers.

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