‘Star Plates’, Food Network Series Premiere: What Time & Channel Is It on?

Tonight, Mindy Kaling will be receiving her very own cooking lesson from Marcus Samuelsson. Though Kaling isn’t new to the kitchen, she’s not exactly a professional cook– that’s when Chopped judge Marcus Samuelsson will come into play. The six-part series premieres tonight.

Read on to find out when and where to watch the Season 6 premiere.

DATE: Tuesday, September 27, 2016

TIME:  11 pm ET; 8 pm PT

TV CHANNEL: Food Network


CELEBRITY GUESTS THIS SEASON: Minka Kelly, Colin Hanks, Erin Andrews, Busy Phillips, and Alyson Hannigan

SERIES SYNOPSIS: Celebrities sign up for a culinary crash course when they step into the kitchens of their favorite restaurants, cooking side by side with famous chefs in this series. First up: Mindy Kaling partners with Marcus Samuelsson at Red Rooster in Harlem, where she learns to make his signature Fried Chicken Royale dish.

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