WATCH: Michael Phelps Takes Over ‘Tonight Show’ & New Hashtags

Remember #PhelpsFace? Jimmy Fallon did and he reminded Michael Phelps all about when the most-decorated Olympian of all time stopped by The Tonight Show.

Phelps said that as he was making the face, he realized he was on camera and that it would be everywhere the next day. Fallon then presented him with a life-size cutout of the image, which Phelps laughed about.

“I can’t even do this interview right now. I’m so freaked out by this dude behind me,” Fallon said. Then Fallon did his best to imitate Phelps’ famous pre-race backslapping.

So what does Phelps plan to do after the Olympics? He plans to run Boomer Phelps’ Instagram page.

Phelps and Fallon also played a game of Egg Russian Roulette on the show. all the eggs were painted like swimmers.

Fallon also had a quick Hashtags segment to highlight #MyRoommateIsWeird tweets.

Lastly, Harry Connick Jr stopped by to plug his new daytime talk show Harry.

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