Halloween Candy 2016: Top 5 Best Homemade Ideas & Recipes

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Halloween is coming, and for everyone planning on hosting a party or giving out an exciting treat to this year’s trick-or-treaters, we’ve got the top five Halloween recipes for 2016. Whether you want something spooky or tasty, we’ve got the best-tasting and easiest recipes around.

1. Poisonous Candy Apples

HOW TO MAKE CREEPY CANDY APPLESA creepy little twist to a childhood favourite. A perfect treat for any Halloween party. SUBSCRIBE TO MY COOKING CHANNEL, NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY AND FRIDAY: youtube.com/user/CookingwithKarma FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK: facebook.com/pages/Cooking-with-Karma/259356740745232 FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: twitter.com/#!/KarmasCooking Ingredients: (makes about 4 candy apples) 4 granny smith apples (you can use other varieties, this is my…2012-10-08T03:30:06.000Z

Ingredients (makes 4 candy apples)
4 granny smith apples
2 cups of sugar
1/2 cup of glucose syrup (corn syrup)
3/4 cup of water
food colouring
caramel flavouring (if desired)
Twigs (make sure you clean them properly first and take off any loose bark)

2. Homemade Candy Corn

Make Your Own Candy CornFor full recipe and article visit thecrimson.com/article/2010/10/31/dough-sugar-each-one/ Halloween? Flyby shows you how to make your own. Recipe from Field Guide to Candy (Quirk Books 2009) by Anita Chu2010-11-01T00:19:00.000Z

2 1/2 cups confectioners’ sugar
1/4 cup dry powdered milk
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup sugar [You may be able to co-opt this one from your dining hall. We’d like to thank Pfoho for its contribution to our batch!]
2/3 cup corn syrup
1/3 cup unsalted butter [You can use salted butter, also available in your dining hall, and forgo the salt in the recipe.]
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Food coloring

3. Homemade Butterfinger

How to Make Homemade Butterfinger!Hey everyone! Homemade Butterfinger is not only delicious and easy to make, but it's also a great way to use up leftover Halloween candy! All you need is candy corn, peanut butter, chocolate, and a microwave. I was surprised by how much these taste like the real thing, so yummy! Hope you enjoy the video,…2013-11-11T07:17:50.000Z

6 oz. candy corn
6 oz. peanut butter
1 cup chocolate chips

4. Chocolate Marshmallow Frankenstein, Witch, Ghost, Pumpkin On A Stick

Halloween Treats – Chocolate Marshmallow Frankenstein, Witch, Ghost, Pumpkin On A StickTry these Halloween Treats – so cute! Nothing beats chocolate covered marshmallow Frankensteins, Witches, Ghosts, and Pumpkins. Visit my website: cooking-mexican-recipes.com My Free Newsletter: cooking-mexican-recipes.com/food-ezine.html Connect with me on FACEBOOK yet? RobinInTheKitchen.com TWITTER: twitter.com/#!/Robin_Rockin Pinterest: pinterest.com/rockinrobin14/ Google+: tinyurl.com/mkeeqox I'll show you step by step how to make these adorable halloween treats. Whether you are having…2013-10-30T17:03:12.000Z

large marshmallows
lollipop sticks or straws
chocolate chips
white chocolate chips
candy melts in a variety of colors
halloween theme sprinkles
oreo cookies
hershey kisses
ziploc bags, quart size
styrofoam brick

Nutter Butter Mummy & Ghosts

Nutter Butter Mummy's & Ghosts – Halloween TreatsSee how to make these nutter butter mummy's and ghosts for you next Halloween party. This fun and easy dessert recipe will be a hit at any party. TWITTER: twitter.com/FunFoodsyt FACEBOOK: facebook.com/FunFoodsyt SNAPCHAT: FunFoodYT GOOGLE+: plus.google.com/+Funfoodsyt INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/funfoodsyt PINTEREST: pinterest.com/FunFoodsyt MY WEBSITE: FunFoodsYT.com My second channel “James’ Vlog”:youtube.com/channel/UCeEGUCHADT1Lc4tlgM9H19g **BE IN A FUTURE VIDEO** Send 5-10…2015-10-29T21:00:01.000Z

2 cups white chocolate candy melts or white chocolate
16 Nutter Butters or Milano cookies
1 package small candy eyeballs (you can buy here)

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