‘Mascots’: When Is the New Christopher Guest Mockumentary Released on Netflix?

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(Scott Garfield/Netflix)

The world is such a serious place and the best medicine for reality is a mockumentary by filmmaker Christopher Guest. For his first film since 2006’s For Your Consideration, the This Is Spinal Tap co-writer shifts his attention to the world of Mascots. Read on for a preview of the new hilarious movie and to find out when it goes live on Netflix on October 13.

Mascots is similar to Guest’s other films, like Best in Show, where he finds an oddball competition that might happen in the real world and explores the personalities behind them. Here, he looks at a group of competitors hoping to win top mascot honors.

Unfortunately, the film did not meet the same kind of acclaim Guest’s classics have earned after its Toronto International film Festival screening. It has a 47 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The consensus among critics is that it’s not one of Guest’s best films and feels like a repeat of his better works.

“The deadpan jokes still land, and the final competition is a delightfully bizarre display of insane choreography. Unlike Guest’s best, sadly, Mascots is a bit empty inside — all costume, no soul,” Devan Coggan wrote in his Entertainment Weekly review.

PREMIERE DATE: Thursday, October 13, 2016. The film will be available right here when it goes live.

TIME: 12 a.m. PT/3 a.m. ET

Zach Woods as Mike Murray
Wayne Wilderson as Dr. Harper James
Sarah Baker as Mindy Murray
Michael Hitchcock as Langston Aubrey
Tom Bennett as Owen Golly, Jr.
Kerry Godliman as Sarah Golly
Parker Posey as Cindi Babineaux
Chris O’Dowd as Tommy ‘Zook’ Zucaarello
John Michael Higgins as Upton French
Fred Willard as Greg Gammons, Jr.
Jennifer Coolidge as Jolene Lumpkin
(Click here for the full cast and crew.)

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