‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 3 Episode 3 ‘The Holocrons of Fate’: Recap & Spoilers

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For the third episode of Star Wars Rebels Season 3, it’s important to know what a Holocron is exactly. Although the term “holocron” was never mentioned in the movies, it has become one of the Legends concepts that migrated to the new canon established by Disney. The Star Wars: The Clone Wars team made the concept such an integral part of Jedi/Sith mythology that the new canon had to keep it.

Holocrons are like computers that hold all lessons from the Jedi or Sith. There are different holocrons for each side of the Force. At the end of season two of Rebels, Ezra and Kanan took a Sith Holocron from the Sith Temple. As we saw in Episodes 1 and 2, “Steps Into Shadow,” Kanan believed that using a Sith Holocron would be a path to the Dark Side for Ezra and he gave it to Bendu. Kanan also has his own Jedi Holocron.

With that bit of history out of the way, let’s take a look at “The Holocrons of Fate.”


A ‘Friend’ Returns

Maul Returns – The Holocrons of Fate Preview | Star Wars RebelsMaul seeks Kanan's Jedi holocron — and uses dark methods to find it — in this clip from the Star Wars Rebels episode "The Holocrons of Fate." Watch Star Wars Rebels every Saturday at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Disney XD. Visit Star Wars at starwars.com Subscribe to Star Wars on YouTube at youtube.com/starwars Like Star…2016-09-28T17:00:04.000Z

In a Rebel Blockade runner in hyperspace, Ezra asked Kanan why he won’t tell him what happened to the Sith Holocron. Before they can really get into an argument, the ship stops to discover another ship that’s been attacked. They find a survivor, who says a person with a red blade attacked. “The Ghost is in trouble,” the man says.

They rush to the bridge of the Blockade Runner, where they see a hologram of Hera, who appears to be safe. Kanan thinks it was an Inquisitor. But no, it was… Maul, who has captured the Ghost crew.

Maul Holds the Ghost Team Hostage

Ezra and the Sith Holocron – Steps Into Shadow Preview | Star Wars RebelsIn this clip from the Star Wars Rebels Season Three Premiere, "Steps Into Shadow," Ezra seeks guidance from an undue source… Watch the season premiere of Star Wars Rebels on Saturday, September 24, at 8:30 p.m. PT/ET on Disney XD! Visit Star Wars at starwars.com Subscribe to Star Wars on YouTube at youtube.com/starwars Like Star…2016-09-22T17:00:02.000Z

Maul insists that he hasn’t betrayed Ezra and he wants the Sith Holocron and the Jedi Holocron Kanan has or he will kill the rest of the Ghost crew. Ezra tells Maul that they do still have the Sith Holocron, but it’s going to be tough to get it back from Bendu.

Meanwhile, on the Ghost, Maul is a bit surprised that the ship is the team’s home. Maul thinks Sabine shouldn’t be angry with him since Maul once ruled Mandalore. (During The Clone Wars, Maul and his brother, Savage Opress, took control of Mandalore briefly.) Hera then takes him on a tour of the Ghost. Maul searches Hera’s mind to learn that Kanan’s real name is Caleb (see Marvel’s Kanan: The Last Padawan series) and that he stole the Holocron. Maul finds it in Kanan’s quarters.

On Atollon, Kanan takes Ezra to the Bendu’s home, where he can’t find Bendu. When the spiders appear, Kanan tries to get Ezra to calm down. Eventually, Bendu wakes up and finds it hilarious that Kanan brought his apprentice to see him.

Bendu Tests the Bond Between Master & Apprentice

Darth Maul, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Rebels recap, The Holocrons of Fate


Ezra has to explain to Bendu why they need the Sith Holocron back. Bendu explains that if Maul brings together a Sith and Jedi Holocron, it would bring a dangerous “clarity of vision beyond your kind.” It would give Maul unprecedented vision and knowledge. Bendu tells Ezra and Kanan that he hit the Sith Holocron inside a cave. Ezra goes in alone, but without his lightsaber.

On the Ghost, the team overhears Maul struggling to use Kanan’s Holocron, so they overpower Maul’s droids. They try to use Maul’s droid legs against him, but their plan doesn’t work as planned.

Kanan guides Ezra in the cave using a commlink, while Bendu suggests that this could help the master and apprentice regain balance. Kanan decides to join Ezra in the cave though and he calms the spiders. Ezra apologizes to Kanna for everything that happened on Malachor, but Kanan tells him it’s time for him to stop blaming himself. They are back in sync and find the Sith Holocron. They use the Force to bring the Holocron to them, but they also wake the spiders. Once again, Ezra must learn how to peacefully walk among the spiders.

“Your conflict has ended. Perhaps balance has been restored,” Bendu says as the two walk out of the cave. Bendu then warns them that one of them will have to open the Jedi Holocron since Maul can’t. He tells them that they must be cautions. “Once a secret is known, it cannot be unknown,” Bendu says.

Kanan & Ezra Try to Save the Ghost Team From Maul

Darth Maul, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Rebels recap, The Holocrons of Fate, Ezra Bridger


Ezra and Kanan use an A-Wing to catch up to the Ghost. Rather than come up with a plan, Kanan tells Ezra that he must be relaxed. The greatest power Maul has is the fear that he will do something to their friends, Kanan reminds Ezra.

They arrive at a hangar inside an asteroid. Maul only wants to take Kanan to the Ghost team, while Ezra is taken to another room, with droids guarding him. As Maul leads Kanan, he tries to kill him once again by pushing him out a shaft and into space. Thankfully, Kanna finds his bearings and gets back into the hangar before he freezes. Having the Force is helpful when you get thrown out into a vacuum.

Maul goes back to Ezra and, as he does so, orders one of his droids to kill the hostages. Maul tells Ezra that his friends are safe and continues to call Ezra his “apprentice.” The two sit and discuss what they want – Ezra wants to destroy the Sith and Maul wants “hope.” They open both Holocrons, which fuse together.

Back in the hangar, Kanan tries to sneak into the Ghost and stops Maul’s droids just before they try to kill Sabine, Hera and Zeb.

Maul is frustrated that he can’t see anything, but Ezra can. Just before Ezra tells Maul, Kanan and the others burst in. Kanan tells him to look away before it’s too late and remember Bendu’s warning. Ezra sees “Twin Suns,” but a flash of light interrupts the vision. Maul has learned that someone is alive and speeds away. Did Maul learn about the son of Skywalker or did he just learn that Anakin Skywalker is still alive? Wait… did Maul learn that Obi-Wan Kenobi is still alive?

Kanan helps Ezra up and Ezra can’t really explain the visions. Did he see real information about the future and the Force? Or was it just imagery that Maul wanted to see? In the end, Kanan tells Ezra that they will try to learn about the images together.

Up Next for the Ghost Team

Darth Maul, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars Rebels recap, The Holocrons of Fate


“Holocrons of Fate” sets up another thread that will likely dominate Rebels Season Three. Kanan and Ezra will have to understand what Ezra saw by opening the two Holocrons together, while Maul goes on his own quest. If Maul really did learn that Obi-Wan is still alive, will we see the two fight in an episode of Rebels? We likely won’t find out in the next few episodes, since next week shines a spotlight on Sabine.

Check back here on October 8 for the recap of “The Antilles Extraction.”

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