When Does ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Return for Season 3?

ftwd season 3

When does Fear the Walking Dead return? (Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC)

Tonight is the finale of season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, with a special two-episode ending. The show has certainly been picking up its pace the last few episodes, and we’ve got a lot of questions that we want answered. Will Travis ever forgive himself? Is Nick going to eventually run everything? What’s going to happen to the town he’s in? How much longer can that hotel last?

But the biggest question on fans’ minds is when the show is going to return.

Here’s what we know so far.

Fear the Walking Dead has been renewed for a third season. AMC announced the renewal about six months ago. At that time, the show was ranked No. 2 on cable and No 7. in all of TV for adults 18-49 that season.

Season 1 was only six episodes, and season 2 was 15 episodes. Season 3 is going to be 16 episodes.

At the time of publication, AMC had not announced a specific date for when season 3 is going to premiere. The station has said the show is coming back in 2017, so at least we know we won’t have to wait longer than a year. Both seasons of Fear the Walking Dead ended in early October, so there wasn’t too much of a break between the show’s finale and The Walking Dead’s premiere. Season 3 likely will be the same. Since it has only one more episode than Season 2, we can predict that it will likely premiere around the same time as it did this year: in early April.

We’ll miss Fear the Walking Dead, but we’re really excited to find out what’s next in The Walking Dead after that huge cliffhanger in last season’s finale.




If they keep on waiting so long between episodes there going to lose there audience.. The same goes for The Walking Dead.

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