What Time Does ‘Black Mirror’ Season 3 Become Available on Netflix?



Black Mirror season 3 premieres on Netflix on Friday, October 21, 2016, with all six episodes available immediately for streaming. Traditionally, Netflix shows become available around midnight Pacific time (3 a.m. Eastern). So if you stay up really late tonight, you can start binge watching early.

There have been times, however, that Netflix has released its series a little earlier than expected. In 2015, for example, Netflix released Orange is the New Black six hours earlier than its normal time. Netflix doesn’t always give an exact time when its new series will be available, so you might want to start checking your Netflix account early just in case Black Mirror is released a little earlier. Black Mirror should be made available on Netflix at this link.

You can watch a trailer for season 3 below:

The Black Mirror episode list for Season 3 is:

  1. Nosedive
  2. Playtest
  3. Shut Up and Dance
  4. San Junipero
  5. Men Against Fire
  6. Hated in the Nation

When Netflix first picked up Black Mirror, it was announced they were picking up 12 episodes. These were later divided into two seasons of six episodes each. Charlie Brooker, creator of the anthology series, first broke this news on Twitter: