CMA Awards 2017: When Is the Next Show

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Tommy Brandt and Tommy Brandt II perform during the 2016 Inspirational Country Music Association Awards at Trinity Music City on October 27, 2016 in Hendersonville, Tennessee. (Getty)

Each year, the CMA Awards recognize outstanding achievements by artists and broadcasters in the country music scene. The 2016 CMA Awards will be broadcast Wednesday, November 2, 2016. And what about the 2017 show? That date hasn’t been determined yet, but the awards are almost always televised in October or November, so you can bet it’ll be around this time next year. From 1969-1971, the CMAs were broadcast on NBC, then they moved to CBS from 1971 to 2005, and starting in 2006, they were televised on ABC. The first CMA Awards were held at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry in 1968. In 2006, the show took place at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

And what about eligibility and voting? The songs and albums that are eligible for CMA consideration are ones that were released after July 1 of the previous year, and June 30 of the award show year. Awards are giving in twelve categories: Entertainer, Male Vocalist, Female Vocalist, New Artist (previously known as the Horizon Award until 2008), Vocal Group, Vocal Duo (introduced in 1970), Single, Album, Song, Musical Event (split off from the Vocal Duo award in 1988 as Vocal Event), Music Video (introduced in 1985), and Musician.

This year, Tara Thompson will be hosting the CMA Awards red carpet. Brad Paisley has also revealed he’s going to pay tribute to Randy Travis, who suffered a stroke in July 2013. According to Taste of Country, “[Travis] has been working hard to learn to walk and speak again, and has said that he hopes to one day be well enough to resume his career.”

Tonight’s CMA Awards will be celebrating 50 years of country music, and Carrie Underwood will be donning 11 different dresses for the festivities. According to People, Underwood will be wearing a different outfit for each decade in honor of the evolution of country music’s style. She told PeopleStyle, “…going back, there are just so many incredible, legendary ladies of country music. I didn’t wanna really completely pigeonhole myself to one artist. It’s about paying tribute as well.”

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Redneck phil

They got neegers too, an hoomosecuals, goin ta hell in a hand basket if yell asks mee, an they got folks Wat aint leeterate (mexcans), Family values bein eegnored isnt the worst ofvit, neether is dem teetee flashers.

Rhonda Somerville

CMA officials. I had always considered Country television shows as a Family opportunity that I can bring my kids to the livingroom and that we could watch together. That Country had family values and those values were expressed in CMA Awards showing. But lately I am seeing that CMA has become Tolerant of the worldly values and apparel along with it. I had one person tell me that if I don’t like something on TV then change the channel. Should our family values become so tolerant that we should allow women to come on stage wearing apparel that leaves nothing to the imagination? Have we fallen so far that apparel should be found acceptable for a family program that is one step short of nudity? While others in other Genre’s of worldly fashion Praise Beyonce’s dress choices, I see such intolerance as a stepping stone to a further loss of family values. Something that I have always thought that Country has stood for. Country music has been a bedrock of our society… something that has held us fast as a Nation even. And the family values of country music legends while experiencing the hardships of life, never to my knowledge touted their Indiscretions as acceptable. Even in history Kings were known to have affairs with other women, just as they do today, but they didn’t parade it about. That still happens today among our country music stars and legends of Country Music. Family values are being lost. Men and women living together instead of being married have become the norm and accepted by the Greats in Country music. But putting a practically nude woman out on stage on Public Television to parade around before children is really getting to be too much. Can the Country Music Association please maintain some family values that this kind of public display is not a Country Music standard? Or is Country Music laying aside its standards and family values to accommodate and be tolerant to outsiders, and in so doing slowly destroy what Country Music and this culture holds dear?

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