Debbie Reynolds’ Health Update: Carrie Fisher’s Mom Rushed to Hospital

debbie reynolds

Debbie Reynolds was rushed to the hospital. (Getty)

Debbie Reynolds was rushed to the hospital today, but the current status of her health is not known.

She was rushed to the emergency room while she was planning her daughter Carrie Fisher’s funeral, TMZ reported. Family sources said that she might have possibly suffered a stroke.

She’s been incredibly distraught since her daughter died. Debbie, 84 years old, was at her son Todd Fisher’s home when someone there called 911, People reported. The call came in at 1:02 p.m. local time and she was transported to Sinai Medical Center in fair to serious condition. It was just one day ago that her daughter, Carrie, passed away after a heart attack. Carrie was 60 and on a flight from London to Los Angeles when she went into cardiac arrest.

In 2012, Reynolds was in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after having an adverse medication reaction. She canceled several public appearances over the next three months as she recovered.

In May 2016, Carrie Fisher talked about the health issues her mom had struggled with while they filmed a documentary together, People reported. “We were really lucky we got really what probably could be her last [big project],” she said about her mom. She said her mom was doing well, but had been a little more frail lately, adding that she had a “spinal issue” that she had been recovering from. She wanted to make the film, Carrie said in May, because her mom had been declining cognitively and physically.

I didn’t know how much longer she would be performing. It’s the thing that gives her life, but it was also pulling it out of her, because she’d perform and then she’d have to recover.”

Reynolds and her daughter, Fisher, were very close.

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